Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clean your gutters, now!

I am predicting it will be an 'interesting' afternoon at work. I don't like 'interesting' at work. But the rain is good.


  1. I was just snoozing with the cat and we got woken up by a flash of lightning so close the house shook madly! Love it!!! I do hope it clears within the hour though, I have to ride to work.

  2. Sunny and calm and quite gorgeous here today. Makes a change after recent weather. Just as well, as all my house spouting is being replaced, and it is a job that will go on into tomorrow as well- so it is good that rain looks impossible tonight!!

  3. We in 3242 have had 40mms of rain since 7am and I had to drive into town terrified of aquaplaning, and being waterfalled by the swoosh from speeding oncoming traffic.
    After being too hot to go outside yesterday, now it's too wet.

    I love your rain map though -
    it is better than weatherzone,
    please send me the url ?

  4. Ho, it didn't really clear Fen. Hope you are dry.

    KN, we have had three houses with dodgy spouting. We never replaced it, just patched it with tar. It must be nice to have brand new spouting. May your downpipes go on forever.

    Wet roads around town don't worry me Ann, but I hate highways and freeways when it is wet.

    It is just the weather bureau rain radar. It is my homepage. There are all sorts of things you can do with it.


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