Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Decs

Ho ho ho. Christmas is coming and public decorations have gone up. Bourke Street Mall, QV shopping centre and the Jam Factory. QV's are fairly simple but quite attention grabbing. I like them.


  1. What? Policitical correctness didn't leave the decorations in storage? OMG - WOW

    What a change, for a while there, decorations were minimal for two reasons,
    1. Public Liability - they had a nasty habit of falling and hurting cars and people (Yes, happpened to me)
    2. We were afraid to offend non-christian senses.

    Thankfully - We (Melbourne) has come to its' senses and realised we are a christian nation and therefore allowed to show it

    Thanks for the photos!

  2. IAS, I cannot recall when City of Melbourne did not put up decorations. At times they were very old and tacky.

    From what I read in yesterday's paper, we are a nation of heathens. I am among them. We need to see christmas as cultural rather than religious now.

  3. The Christmas decorations were never NOT put up - they were minimal - like pole banners - not what you see there - dangly bits and pieces and the like.
    And YES I agree - the cultral rather than religious issues, I tend to agree with also.

  4. IAS - drive around Oakleigh/Monash and gasp in (very muted) awe at the tacky decs they've trotted out for the umpteenth year in a row ;cardboard boxes around light poles.
    Yes, we're soooooooo underwhelmed by the colour and excitement they engender we don't even notice them these days *hmmph*

  5. Jayne - oh so true - boxes around poles - FFS?

    Why can;t we have some colour?

    Boxes don't replace flags and bells HUNG from poles - or perhaps OH&S/Public Liability issues?

    MCC has never addressed the issues of some years ago of decorations falling onto vehciles - so OH&S most likely ;)

  6. I love melbourne...I only wish both my kids lived there and then i would move...not too waiting a few years as its just as likely they will move before I get there...I feel at home in melboure for some reason

  7. You sure you would like the weather MC? I think people feeling comfortable and at home is one of Melbourne's talents.


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