Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chrissy gift from our Gov

The new traffic light and speed cameras were commissioned yesterday. I have amused myself muchly by watching the constant flashing.

As per the photo, the right turn lane used to be also for travelling straight ahead. The arrows were painted yesterday, making it an exclusive right turn lane. It should have been long ago. By being a right turn lane only, cars can be captured by the camera for disobeying the facing red right turn arrow. Ignoring the red arrow has long been a problem at this intersection. People generally seem to think that a red right turn arrow is less important than a normal facing red light.

What is causing the camera to flash with gay abandon (oh, I like that) is that motorists are travelling straight ahead in the right hand turn lane. Six in a row will go straight ahead resulting in twelve flashes.

I wonder how this will be dealt with. Their actual offence is being in a wrong lane, not a red light offence. It may seem a bit harsh, but the arrows are very clearly marked. If they are fined, it will total thousands of dollars, maybe enough to fix up all the MYKI machines and readers that don't work on our new ticket system that is not working.


  1. Anonymous7:42 pm

    The problem with turning signs painted on the road is that if other vehicles are covering them as you approach, you won't know they are there, or that the lane you are in happens to be an exclusive turning lane. I wonder if there is a sign further back down the road indicating "Right lane must turn right". I bet there isn't.

  2. Hi GB. You are still around then. No, there isn't a sign and you are right about the arrows being covered, but further back there is a hatched line indicating the change and to move left. The next day a tech worked on the cameras all morning but I have yet to have a good look at what if any changes were made.