Sunday, December 27, 2009

C-Day, Bocksing Day and the whole damn thing

Stole the C-Day word from Pants. It rather expresses feelings I have about the whole thing.

I will try to be nice.

Christmas Eve, get drunk with R who was de-stressing at the end of his working year and the start of his holidays. Stay up too late.

Christmas Day, up at 7 and on the road to Sister's in Murrumbeena by just after 8. Sister made us croissants with ham and cheese and scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with champers and orange juice with strawberries, cherries straight from a farm and lousy decaf coffee. I had to work later so only had a thimbleful of champers. Just five of us.

Off to work before noon where it was surprisingly busy. Sister hosted christmas lunch for family, R included. Family decided to visit me at my workplace. I needed that like a hole in the head. Fortunately they only hung around for twenty minutes and I got rid of them. Just as well because I became very busy. ABI brother managed to puncture his tyre along the way, adding more stress. Just six visitors.

9pm, meet R at my work and set off to Brother Friends for some nosh. Ex NT pollie is there, with his Fijian Indian b/f, the b/f's non English speaking mother, two teen nephews and a slightly older nephew from NZ. The older one from NZ just screamed Westerner by his dress and manner, in comparison to the local Fiji lads. Drank little and et a lot. Oh, did I mention that R made me a sumptuous lunch of ham, chicken, turkey, green salad and potato salad for lunch at work? That is three full meals in one day, when normally I eat one full meal. It was a pleasant evening. Just ten of us.

Stay up too late with R having a very fine single malt Scotch whiskey from an obscure Scottish village.

Bocksing Day, what? Not working? Bliss. No, not bliss. Up early enough and at Sister's by 11. The Bone Doctor drives us in her truck, a 4wd, to the swamps of Langwarrin to attend Sis in Law's family gathering christmas lunch/barbecue. Fine food, more presents exchanged.

Lordy, does the food never stop coming? Noted that Sis in Law's wheel chair bound and slightly demented mother is rather fond of king prawns, like six of them. I took pity on her when I saw her struggling to get the bowl of prawns and asked her if she would like another. She was quite with it this day and the amount of food she et!!! Just thirty of us.

Come home and chat and finish product of obscure Scottish village. Very early to bed as earlyish start today. Mentally and physically exhausted and sleep the sleep of the innocent.

Today, Sunday, off to work while R looks after Little Jo while Sis and the Bone Doctor go to test cricket.

The best thing to look forward to is NYE. I have to start work at 7am and so family and friends, youse can all get (^&*$#. I will be in bed. But something tells me I may be at early fire works event. It depends on how kind Little Jo is to me on Wednesday when R and I take her to the Aquarium.

Gosh, this is getting a bit long. I was going to just talk about pressies. Little Jo got heaps, like she needs them.

Both R and I received some nice gifts too. But we always buy ourselves a gift too. Our joint ones were these battery powered salt and pepper shakers. I was heartily sick of our old ones, one a proper pepper grinder and the other a spice jar rock salt grinder. From accommodation points I obtained over the last couple of years, I cashed them in for a $50 Coles Myer voucher. It had hung around in my wallet for months. R said that I should spend it on groceries and just get the cash. No, I did not want it going into consolidated revenue. It is for something special. Myer had what we wanted. I would have liked lights on them like the ones our dyke friends have, but oh well, can't have everything. Oddly the marked price of $45 turned into $27 when scanned. I did not ask why. I just exited stage left with haste. Very pleased with them.

And for totally myself, although R offered to pay half once it arrived, I bought myself a calendar from the Art Deco and Modernism Society. It is gorgeous. Good cause. If you want one, you can find it on their website. A couple of weeks ago, R and I were having a bite of Indian food in Elizabeth Street and I was looking around and my eyes struck Mitchell House. It looked fantastic. I took a snap with my phone with the idea to make a blog post, but the calendar overtook me and Mitchell House is on the cover.

Sorry, I can't help myself. Calendars of old building must really get up Jussy Madden's nose. Damn, he thinks. That bloody calendar will make it all the more harder to get rid of these old building.

I am exhausted after writing all that. Forgice the typos, grammar and spelling errors.


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Working on Christmas day is the pits. I used to do it when I was a console operator at BP. I sometimes had the New Year's Eve shift too - picture it: forty degrees, midnight, six angry people in a queue unable to be where they were meant to be at the stroke of the clock, and me, unable to have a cigarette (I used to smoke) for eight hours. Not pretty.

  2. Dr Who, Wallace and Gromit, too much food, too much whiskey. That just about sums up my Christmas. Wake me up again in the New Year please.

  3. That breakfast sounded absolutely lovely, and of course THEY had more of that champagne which prompted the brilliant idea "Let's bug Andrew at work!!"

    The glamorous shakers, if they had those lights you mentioned, would really really look like little Daleks.
    and yes we all exit fast when things scan lower than expected.

    Re NYE fireworks: Please everybody make sure your cat is inside and secure. All animals freak out with fireworks and also run away fast.

  4. I love when you think something is one price, and when you go up to pay, it's much cheaper than you thought.

    So sweet that your family came to visit, but I can see how that would be incredibly annoying and stressful.

    It kind of reminds me of something my family might do.

    When Tim worked at the cooking school, he'd tell us we should visit him. We did a few times. But he was usually too busy to give us more than a quick hello. I wondered what the point was. Although the place had groceries and a cafe, so we would do that stuff.

  5. Ooooooooo I say!
    That calendar looks like a fab investment :)
    Pardon, what was that noise? Jussy gnashing his teeth and wailing louder than the ghost of Xmess past, I do believe :P

  6. I did not mind really Scott. You could not have a break at all?

    And I can guess what might be consumed NYE Brian.

    Ann, the shakers look a little better than in the photo. Now all take note of Ann and mind your pussies on NYE.

    It was nice Dina, just, as you say, a bit stressful. I can see why it was pointless to go and see Tim. Perhaps he should have told you a quieter time.

    Jayne, 2010, the year of targeting Jussy.

  7. I was going to leave a comment but I'm too tired after all that food and running around. I think I'll just pop over to Fleetwood and see how his pussies are.

  8. Cheer him up Jah Teh. He must be miserable with all that snow.

  9. Witchy,

    My pussies are replete with turkey, hogging the fire because it's snowing outside, and utterly pointless...and Mrs Slocombe's in the kitchen stroking her minge.

  10. I love those there grinders Andrew! Ours are not battery operated, but I would love that. Nothing like fresh salt and pepper, I could not go back to the powdery shakers, eww.
    Noice calender too.
    Of course Little Jo would be spoilt, and that is because she is so so cute.. you just want to buy her everything :)

  11. Minge Brian? Bit far what? Perhaps you meant mange.

    So you grew with Saxa salt in a plastic shaker and white pepper in a makers container too Cazzie?

  12. oh andrew - a minge is a skanky ladies map-of-tasmania.
    have you not heard the phrase "that's really mingey"