Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brolly or fan?

Did I just hear that it will 39 degrees next Wednesday? My day off! Grrr. It is been deliciously cool the past couple of weeks. We had some good rain too. It was raining heavily when I snapped this photo, but the weather was about to clear as you can see the sunshine coming.

Of course if you mix sun and rain, what do you get? A rainbow naturally. I can see where the rainbow ends. I know that flat block. I know there is a pot of gold there. Alas by the time I made myself presentable for the world, the rainbow had gone.


  1. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you mention the 39 degree temp and simply admire your lovely photos.
    Bliss :)

  2. yeah Wednesday is my day off too, i think i shall hibernate indoors all day long! Cool pics, love that hint of a double rainbow!

  3. I do love, and currently have my bookmark set to western/birregurra/ where it also forecasts 39 for Wed. Thankfully Thurs could be only 23 when I have to drive 3 hours to a funeral and hate them for scheduling 10:30am

    OffTopic but: did you see Saturday Age realestate liftout's feature on guys renovating old Carlton weather bureau at 119 Drummond St. the feature doesn't mention that but I know it from Walking Melbourne website post.
    It's a great building.

  4. Just one day of it Jayne. We will cope.

    Indeed Fen. But that was about as good as the second one showed.

    Only bookmark Ann? My home page is rain radar. That is a long way to travel. Can't you send flowers?

    I did not see that in The Age. I will look up W Melb later.

  5. Anonymous12:51 am

    Awesome pics!

  6. They are beautiful daughter gets these sorts of amazing weather shots as the clouds roll in over Port Phillip bay...thats if you can brave the wind to take them...

  7. Thanks Cazzie and MC. Yes, when those southerly wind changes arrive, it can be quite spectacular.


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