Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Barangaroo aka The Hungry Mile.


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  1. I'm obviously missing out on something here...

  2. Development in Sydney of the old wharf area known as The Hungry Mile from back in the days of the thirties depression where the desperate would gather for the chance of casual wharf work.

    The developer wants to build a high rise hotel sitting out in the waters of Darling Harbour. Even their glitzy promotion video can't make it look good.

  3. It could be worse,
    Then again,
    it probably will be worse!
    It's a little depressing.

  4. The NSW Government has gone insane.

    A few days ago they announced a new International Passenger Terminal for White Bay west of the Harbour Bridge which will be unreachable for all those super liners that cannot fit under the Bridge.

    Then they announce an ugly new plan for Barangaroo with Dubai-like skyscrapers breaking height restrictions and Australia's largest hotel on water reclaimed from Darling Harbour with no supporting transport arrangements other than the useless Rozelle Metro.

    Oh and our unwanted water desalination plant is about to be completed.

    However, there is no further NSW Government funding available to continue subsidies to several schools for severely disadvantaged children who the public school system cannot assist so these will have to close within months.

  5. You had a look Ian? It will be worse.

    I had not heard about the International Terminal Victor. Ships are only going to get bigger. Dubai like describes the hotel well. Some cities seem to able to get their old docks areas right. Melbourne seems to be not one of them and Sydney is on the way.

    Plenty of water then for Sydney to keep right on growing.

    I used to think bad of Carr for not keeping infrastructure up to speed, but now, I am not so sure. It might limit population growth, and argument which he now uses in his defence.

  6. Andrew, there are no indications so far that Sydney's population is being limited.

    Anyway, the NSW Government is going the other way overriding local councils on population density development issues precisely to address the growing population and to do so in a way that uses (and stretches) existing transport and utility resources rather than agreeing to development in growth areas where the Government would be under greater pressure to introduce those resources.

  7. Anonymous1:38 am

    Who's hand is in who's pocket to get this through, you might ask?

    Isn't the architect the same one who designed Melbourne's Docklands?

    Thought I read that somehwere.

    Would be a good excuse to extend the light rail to this area.

    And for the bigger ships to come to town, I can see our hapless Gov't trying to think of a way to jack up the Harbour Bridge by a few hundred metres instead of moving the navy out of Woolloomooloo and building a new one there.

    PS: Merry Xmas

  8. Regarding Anon's comment, the NSW Government has been resolutely against every suggestion about light rail usage.

    I think that is a pity.

  9. Victor, I once heard that expansion of Sydney is limited by the topography surrounding the city. I never really checked if that was correct. Obviously the Blue Mountains are limiting.

    Best wishes to you too Anon. The whole Darling Harbour area needs light rail or a tram line. Pity there are not enough old trams remaining to run a service. The tourists would flock. I don't know about the architect, but if true, be afraid.