Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bank Statement

How long have I been saving those receipts I receive when using my credit or eftpos cards? Ever since plastic cards have been around, so a good while.

My first card was a BankCard, a bank credit card, with only a five hundred dollar limit. Now I think one of a few I have has a $26,000 limit. The less credit I use, the more the banks increase my limits. Pity they didn't when I needed them to.

Each month when the credit card or savings account statement arrives, I check the slips of paper off against the statement and also check my payslips off against the statements.

I have just stopped this month. I have never found an error in the bank's favour and perhaps two errors in my favour. Retailer loss there I think.

So when I am using an auto teller, I no longer request a receipt and I throw the slips from retailers away.

I will keep some as proof of purchase. I will keep them when I travel overseas. I will keep some to remove petrol vouchers. I will still carefully peruse my banks statements, but otherwise life will be just that tiny bit easier.

So am I the last person ever to save the little slips of paper and check them off against my bank statements?


  1. I refuse to have any credit cards myself. I prefer to use that old fashioned stuff called money. It works out cheaper in the end.

  2. Credit cards have never soiled my lily white mitts.

  3. You are a pious pair.

  4. I have a credit card in spirit only (that is, in pieces so I can't use it), and don't make any purchases with it.

    I only ever get receipts if it's ordering online. I do check my statements online fairly regularly, though. I can usually spot my own transactions.

    My wife used to keep all her receipts, but kind of got lazy about that sort of thing.

    So yes, looks like you may well have been the last!

  5. Seems everyone in my writing world is ever so sensible with money.

  6. I still pay my bills by cheque...just a habit I developped when Don and i ran a business. It was so handy and needed no electricity at all at all. I have credit cards now. I get receipts so I and see what i have...but never thought to check them off against statements...should have...

  7. Nowt wrong with cheques MC. Remember when you used to have to pay for them? What was it? Stamp duty?