Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bad Uncle

This was planned a while ago, before we knew it was going to be 35 degrees today (nearly 100F). Luckily Sister decided it would be a morning event. She dropped Little Jo at our place and went off and did her own thing. What she had forgotten was that is a week day and so limited time parking and it has to be paid for. She should have caught the train and we could have met at Flinders Street Station and we take Little Jo from there.

Sister paid for an hour at our place and then found space near the Botanic Gardens for $1.30 for two hours. She had intended going for a look around Docklands but ended up just going to the National Gallery.

I had no part in organising it, but her driving here was a mistake.

R had asked Sister to bring the pram for Little Jo. She did not. Another mistake.

Little Jo wanted to be carried and I cannot carry her. She is too heavy and the last time I did, I pulled a chest muscle. She does not like me carrying her either, so R did.

We were heading to the Aquarium to show Little Jo the fish and the penguins. We had a two for one voucher, just as well at $32 odd per person. Little Jo was not charged for.

The penguins were wonderful and very playful. Attendants were in the enclosure making snow or ice with long hoses and spreading it around. I saw a penguin make yellow snow. The rest was much as it had been the last time we were there. Really, it is very good, but I am not keen on the vertical layout of three levels.

We went through at break neck speed as Little Jo ran from one tank to the next. She got a temporary tattoo on her arm and a she drew on a small piece of cardboard that was turned into a badge.

Right at the beginning R ducked down into a low tunnel to see penguins from a different angle and due to the effects of carrying Little Jo, he could not straighten up again. He is lying on floor at home now at odd angles trying to get his back to come right.

We left and I attempted to carry Little Jo but she was just as uncomfortable as I was. I would be happy to carry her if she is really tired, but she was not.

Back home and it was pretty warm by this time. The toy box came out and ham sandwiches made and consumed and Sister called to say meet her downstairs as she did not want to pay for parking again. Fine.

Although I had protected Little Jo up and down stairs, ramps, escalators, on and off trams and across roads, it is the little things to watch for. We left the lift and R went through the opening flanked by glass panels. I was going through the opening and I turned back to Little Jo to tell her to be careful of the glass panels, as she had nearly run into them before, only to see her run full pelt into one of them with a loud thud, her face squashed against the glass. It was the most horrible sight.

R alternated between comforting her and criticising me. I wear that. No one was kicking themselves more than I was. After a couple of minutes Sister arrived and Little Jo had stopped crying. As we sat in the car for a minute, it was clear that there was going to be large egg on Little Jo's forehead. Don't ever trust me with your kiddies.

All in all, the day did not work out as I thought it would.

No flash allowed. I thought the penguins might slide down the slope but they did not. They did walk up though.

Clumsy as they may seem when walking, the are very graceful and fast in the water.

I suppose to call this critter swimming behind glass an Irwin killer could be conceived as bad taste. It is a stingray. It was a big mother.


  1. Apparently you can only be trusted with HawtBois, never children or penguins.

  2. pfft, kids do stuff like that all the time, you can't cotton wool them, it's how they learn things. You're no bad uncle.

  3. Wrong thing to say Jahteh when I am feeling so bad. Hawtbois though? Where pls, I need some comfort and kindness.

    Right thing to say Fen when I am feeling so bad. I do recall running into many things when I was a kid. I have a scar or two to prove it. She is too gung ho. But she is not my kid, and I should have looked after her better. Sister trusts us.

  4. Anonymous9:02 pm

    No, not bad uncle at all. Thirty-two dollars, you say? For FISH?? (and penguins). Thirty-two dollars? You are a very, very good uncle.

  5. And without the two for one J, it would have been $64. I think family ticket is about $80. It is a lot of money. But then Sydney Aquarium in the mid 80's at $17 was an awful lot too.

  6. Andrew, kids do it all the time, they get over it. Heck, I've seen adults do it, too, even sober!

  7. "I saw a penguin make yellow snow."

    I saw something similar at Blackpool Zoo once. It totally put me off the lemon ice cream I was eating.

  8. Seems it was not so bad Jayne. No real lump.

    And you are positive it was ice cream Brian?

  9. At $32 you could have taken Jo to the fucking local pet shop to see fish as well as puppies and kittens and she wouldn't have known the difference.

    $32? Fuck me.

  10. No penguins at the pet shop Andy. 'Tis a lot of money, granted.


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