Saturday, November 14, 2009


Kelly ODwyer, the Liberal candidate for the Federal seat of Higgins in a soon to be held by-election. It is a safe Liberal held seat previously occupied by Mr Smarmy Peter Costello. She looks the part doesn't she. A true Tory blue blood. The Labor Party is not even bothering to run a candidate, so this will make the by-election more interesting with a reasonably well known Green candidate Clive Hamilton.

Her office is situated in a street I intensely dislike, Glenferrie Road, home to more 4WDs than the rest of Melbourne put together. In such a place it is very unlikely her office will have political graffiti sprayed on it or a rock chucked through its windows, that is unless I do it.

Ms O'Dwyer seems very reluctant to participate in an interview with ABC Melbourne's Jon Faine. He has been moaning all week about it. Possibly a good idea on her part. No-one can say she is a fool if she keeps her trap shut. Interesting that she tweets, with a Twitter address on her office door. I am sure that is riveting stuff. This is the first time I have seen a pollie advertise a Twitter address, but it won't be the last, I am sure.


  1. Rich people who can "buy more stuff' are consequently the worst polluters.
    Their wheelie bins overflowing with polystyrene packing, their giant plasma screens, and water wally children, pools, and gardeners.
    Multiple cars - I challenge you to stroll around Kooyong early on a Sunday and find a drive without 3 cars in it.
    I am not bitchin their wealth, just their hypocrisy re 'Green' issues. They use more of everything - rushing down the freeway to the portsea place for tennis parties - they have more showers too.
    See yas over the barricades,
    Yrs truly
    Street Fightin Man.

  2. Yeah, but Jon Faine was trying to get someone more exciting - the chick who's running for Brendan Nelson's seat in NSW cos she's representing the Sex Party, way more meaty than *yawn* Kelly O.
    Oh er, a blue blood area might have a Sex Party in their radical!!!

  3. I don't mind people being rich Emstacks, so long as they it with a bit of class and discretion. That seems to have gone out the window.

    Somehow Jayne, I think he did speak to the more interesting political aspirant.


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