Friday, November 13, 2009

Tech Wreck

1/ Last weekend. Set mobile phone alarm to wake me after a doze. Fails to work. Set many times to test. Fails to work. Monday it worked. Discover obscure and buried setting to choose days for alarm. Set for weekdays, off for weekends.

2/ Mid week clothes dryer stopped drying. Overheats and cuts out after five minutes. Lack of air movement. Investigate new dryer. Nothing compatible with present venting. Remove dryer from wall and discover belt has come off. Put belt back, dryer back up and strain chest muscle in process.

3/ Equipment at work breaking down left right and centre.

4/ R is fond of his little desktop printer at work. It never fails him. Now his pc will be hooked up to a large central printer. Because of privacy issues, he must be trained in how to print on the big printer without what is being printed being viewable by anyone else. He wants to keep his own little printer.

5/ I totally screw up recording two tv programs. I am still struggling with the digital tv recorder. Because it can do so much, I make it do so much. Then I get confused at times. All R wants to do is watch a program and loses patience while I struggle.

6/ Regardless of above, for some reason now the digital recorder has decided it does not want to send the signal to the tv via the HDMI cable and will only use the RF? cables. Lucky I have them hooked up for the very reason of HDMI problems.

7/ And never mind how hard it was to simply put money in Sis in Law's bank account.

8/ Not very old paper shredder has not been good from the start. Always paper jamming. Should have taken it back. Normally I clear it with a skewer but this time it would not clear. Tried triggering the sensor with a knife and shredder started to drag knife in. Won't work at all now. Note to self, pay more than $35 for a paper shredder.

9/ R's workplace aircon has broken down. Eight days before a tradesperson can attend.

I blame climate change, ex President Bush, Maggie Thatcher and State gov ministers Kosky and Madden.


  1. Blame it on NSW Premier rees...he is to blame

  2. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Did you try putting the shredder on reverse? Sounds like you're putting too many sheets in at once.

  3. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Ahh, Technology it's the way of the future.......until it breaks down.

    And it's all made to throw away these days. Nobody repairs anything any more.

  4. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Yep, definitely climate change - my chooks have stopped laying too, they just sit around all day drinking stubbies and complaining about the heat. Me, well, got some part time work relieving the super tech who is overseas on holiday - 3rd world repair shop, no aircon (it broke, 15 years ago) Wednesday, sweat dripping into live equipment I was trying to work on. Thursday a bit better, today working at home in my aircon workshop. Nice. Bugger global warming and greenhouse gas emissions from running 2hp of aircon.
    I blame John Howard.For everything

  5. I certainly will blame it on Reese MC. There will be a post about NSW in the near future.

    No Scott. It is the little bits of paper that bugger it up. It was actually quite good at shredding big amounts of paper.

    Anon, I guess it is about labour costs. Shredder cost $35. Could not pay someone to fix it. Get another.

    Michael, flippantly I say yes, blame John Howard, but non flippantly, he was PM for how many years? And what a state we are now in. No aircon, no work. Being cool is important for sanity. In this case I say, bugger the environment.

  6. Howard is def to blame - the tool should have legislated for national solar energy, solar panels and rainwater tanks In.Every.Single.Home.
    Failing that we could always strap the little dingbat to the non-functioning ceiling fan and take turns at spinning him around - at least we'd be entertained and have the air circulated ;)

  7. I used to hate my paper shredder too. It would always jam. Things change when I decided to read what the manual said. I was putting too much paper in it. Document shredding doesn't always have to be a pain. Or you can get one that is guaranteed not to paper jam.

  8. With the exception of a mobile phone, I don't have any of the equipment you just mentioned, and incredibly as a result, I've had no break-downs.

    The simple things in life Andrew, remember those?

  9. Lol Jayne. 'Get me down from'.

    Toni, I don't overload it at all and you won't be happy to hear that we don't think much of Fellows either.

  10. Mutant, I was thinking along those lines myself. We make life hard for ourselves at times.

  11. I've heard that multiple failures of technology is a sign you have a poltergeist.

    That could be exciting.