Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tech Wreck Update

There was one tech wreck item I left out. It wos Little Jo wot did it. In Outlook Express, messages were being grouped together with a plus sign next to them and only the first message showing. I tried looking on the net for an answer about how to stop this, but I could not think of the right words to describe the problem. The words came to me earlier today, group messages (according to...). I was busy elsewhere and wrote down group messages. R was at the computer and quickly found the ungroup messages setting.

I have also fixed the HDMI cable problem. I could kick myself for forgetting. Someone, can I blame Little Jo for everything?, must have pushed the V Format button. I don't know exactly what V Format is, but it changes something from 576I to 576P to 720P to 1080 to Auto. It was on Auto and neither that nor 576I works at all. Picture seems best on 1080.


  1. would Little Jo please tell me what a HDMI cable is?
    and how to work Outlook Express - I have been emailing since 1996 and still haven't figured out what a popserver is when OE asks me I just run back to googlemail

  2. Saw a HDMI cable set going out cheap at Aldi the other day (only the cost of half the average mortgage instead of the full catastrophe) and immediately thought of you, Andrew lol.

  3. Emstacks, while I don't know what the letters stand for, maybe High Definition something, it is the cable that connects the tv to the digital recorder. The prices vary from maybe $30 to hundreds. They are a huge ripoff.

    Some are truly outrageous Jayne. I bet most could not tell the difference in picture quality with an expensive one as against a cheapie.

  4. Stacks, for once I know something, popserver is for when you link your gmail to come through to Outlook Express and it only took a week to figure out that they both have to have the same password to work.

  5. Thank you Hot Andrew - I have been TV-less for too long obviously.
    I have 3 other gmail accounts all redirected to my main one and wonder why I would want them redirected to OE ? But thank you dear CopperWitch for expressing that in simple language. Despite their 40-degree heat today, or maybe because of it,
    Pavlov is discussing language at her place right now.

  6. "I don't know exactly what V Format is..."

    If it's anything to do with computers, probably exactly the same as 'W' format only with less bugs.

  7. Ta Brian. It helps.


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