Saturday, November 07, 2009


Stonnington was once the Governor's residence. You can look up its history easily enough. The Gov moved onto a grander place. I remember it better as Toorak Teachers College. Later it became a Deakin University campus and was flooded with overseas students.

I walked along Glenferrie Road Malvern the other day and took a couple of snaps.

It was to be turned into apartments with new apartments built on its grounds. It seems this might have been completed and they haven't built the apartments at the front and obliterated the house, but behind.

The rather nice jungly and overgrown garden has been attended to and this what we see today, external restoration of the mansion and a garden renovation in progress. I have never seen the house so exposed. It also has a rather nice gate house at the driveway entrance, somewhat larger than Audrey Forbes-Hamilton's gate house.

This is only a phone camera pic and the camera seems to have focused rather more on the leaves than the house.

Are these water supply pipes or fire hydrants? If they are hydrants, they are far too close to the fence to connect hoses.


  1. Martin3:20 pm

    How does the gate house compare with Margo Leadbetter's house?

  2. You would enjoy laughing through a book about the Governor's family when they lived there.
    'People in glass houses: family life at Govt House'
    It was published 1977 and is in most suburban libraries:-
    "From a combination of her memories, and her mother's letters, Adelaide Lubbock, born 1906, the daughter of Sir Arthur Stanley, Governor of Victoria, Australia 1914-1919"
    The 5 children were horrors and disrupted state occasions and dinners with buttered chairs, frogs and fighting. it's a great read.
    our mate Hughesy is a descendant of the Stanleys. we didn't vice-regal him for nuthin ya know.

  3. maybe those thingys are gas?

    here's a proper link to the Stanleys.
    I love trawling around in the ABDonline.

  4. Oh Martin, I think Margot's house was a bit grander.

    I will check it out when I next borrow a library book Ann. It sounds a laugh and interesting too.

    Gas...didn't think of that. Probably right. Meters to go in and can be read from the street.


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