Sunday, November 08, 2009

Saturday TV

Brief and to the point. Slightly timeshifted The Bill followed by Taggart.


  1. Tuggrrrt! Muddrrrr.

    didn't you watch 'Hope Springs' ?
    The fabulous award winning Annette Crosbie is mental in it.

    I lasted right through to a fair bit of Rage cos Ross Wilson was the programmer and it was old stuff I understand.

  2. Recorded Hope Springs. Good show.

    I can't stay up late now, but I used to like Rage at times. When it comes on, I am already too late for bed.

  3. followed by nommable Harry in Silent Witness. I still love The Bill.

  4. yes Harry.
    I watch it for Harry.
    I hated the attempted relationship with Nicky.
    she is a Gwynneth clone and as loathesome.

    looks like Harry is on way out though - letters to America etc.

  5. Fenz, Silent Witness is good, but I don't make an effort to watch it. Never been the same for me since Sam Ryan left.

    Emstacks, Harry is ok but doesn't make me breathless.


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