Monday, November 09, 2009

No u turn

Heaps of new road laws, but everything stays the same, almost.

I forget the last version of not passing a stationary tram, the new one is to not pass if there are people between the tram and the kerb and or the tram doors are open. Ridiculously like common sense, but so many don't and endanger and sometimes hit passengers. Given the old law was never enforced, even if a complaint was made with witnesses, we will just forget about this one.

New child restraint laws. All sound sensible to me. Are the existing laws enforced? I damn well hope so.

Use of mobile phones while driving laws have been refined and tightened. The new laws pander to the wealthy a bit more. Ban 'em all I say.

Now this last one is interesting. No 'u' turn over a single white line. This is something many people do daily and many do it safely and without interfering with other drivers. But, if you drive around inner Melbourne, especially shopping centres, people make u turns across single white lines all the time and interfere with other vehicles, including trams and buses. They think nothing of impeding the traffic flow, often because they can't actually make a u turn and it ends up being a three point turn. Perhaps if they drove a slightly smaller vehicle rather than a massive four wheel drive, they might be able make a simple u turn.

I make u turns across a single white line quite often. I guess I better think twice about doing that in the future. I am disadvantaged by this new law, but I approve of it. But apart from perhaps an initial assault, I doubt it will be much enforced.

Just to clarify a couple of points in regard to u turns in case you weren't sure, you can turn into an angle parking space on the opposite side of the road. You can cross the single white line to get around a stationary car. You cannot cross a single white line to overtake a moving car.


  1. They were discussing the new laws last week on JOY with a traffic policeman and there's a new bicycle law,too, something about a painted box on the road at the front of traffic lights with a bike symbol which allows cyclists to go in front of vehicles in the left hand side to wait for the lights to turn green.

  2. "I forget the last version of not passing a stationary tram..."

    It makes your ring sting and cracks the bowl?

  3. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I have seen many people not enforcing the use of seatbelts with kids..and even having too many tiny backseat seat belts! If I were a copper I'd book 'em Danno! Drives me insane..the kids arte tiny little missiles in the event of an accident..infuriates me plus plus plus.

  4. Jayne, any excuse by Joy to get a man in a uniform into the station. Those boxes have been around for a while, the change being I think that they are now recognised by law.

    Brian, what can I say but oh dear. Is the weather getting to you?

    Cazzie, I don't take much notice of kids in car seats. What you say is disappointing to say the least.

  5. Melbourne road rules...have I got long enough here???

  6. Apart from our hook turns, it is about stadardisation across Australia.


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