Monday, November 30, 2009

Must watch tv

This should be interesting. Tomorrow night on tv is one of a series of tv shows about the Royal Family. Tomorrow night's show is about Kanga, aka Lady Tryon, a Melbourne lass, a 'close friend' of Prince Charles and married to an English lord. If you would like to know a bit about her before you see the show, check out the website of a blog mate who was consulted during the making of the show. I'll be watching for her name in the credits. I expect her blog has already had more hits than it ever has.


  1. If that's the Channel 4 documentary, then Ms Brown over at Anne o'Dyne contributed to it....although the miserable sods didn't include her name in the credits.

  2. So typical of tv people Brian. Bled her for info and then no credit. I guess you have her name right to have checked.

  3. I watched the documentary when it was first broadcast just for the credits, Andrew, mainly because Annie asked me to. Unfortunately not a jot. Unless, of course, Miss Brown has been telling me porkies about her true identity.

  4. like the devil, she has many names.

    I may publish all their personal email addresses on all my blogs.
    I sorta don't care though, as I have several experiences with journalists under my belt, so to speak (down Brian, down!), I wouldn't expect anything from one.
    Christopher Wilson did seem a very nice person though, and I don't think it was just because he thought I might know a Melbourne place where those love letters could be hidden.
    As with many projects, the people who started the doco campaign to show how LadyTryon was mistreated, had it taken from them by a subsequent outfit.
    'Commissioning Producer' is a subculture of it's own.
    I'm glad it's out there now.
    The viewer figures in Byron Bay, Flinders and Melbourne will be high, and my phone will be turned off.

  5. AOD didn't really want her name on it in case the treason beadle came a knocking.
    While she would just love to hear Her Majesty shreik "off with her head!", she wants it to be a reference to somebody else's head.

  6. Thanks for the hat-tip dear HotAndrew, they should have flown me to London to consult properly on their coverage of her history, so I assume that part is briefly done in order to get to the quotes on Dale's last days, by the salaciously insane SarahMiles - not running her down though, at least she was there.
    I think the princely power caused even Dales children to side with others against her.
    The only thing she was guilty of was being Very Australian, and that was no secret when the chinless wonder added her genes to the ariscockracy's pool.
    I hate him for saying "she has gone mad and I divorce her" - what happened to "in sickness and health"?. especially since his pal Chuck and HRH Mum are Defenders Of The Faith 'n all.
    bloody hypocrites the lot of them.

  7. I saw none of the various names Brian. She ended on the cutting room floor.

    Ah EmStacks. It is the letters. I understand now after seeing the program.

    Brownie, funny that while our heads tell us such things would not happen nowadays, we are still cautious. I bet young people would not worry.

    Ann, of course they should have flown you to London. You deserve that at least. In spite of what Sarah said, it is clear she believes Dale was pushed.

  8. Thank you Hot A.
    The clinic was owned by Dr. Chai Patel (he probably guugles his own name and will land here so HI CHAI)
    and he sold it right after dale's dumper, was nominated for a Peerage, and when he guugles himself he sees results about being up on various charges. Is probably related to the Brisbane-killer Patel quack.

  9. Didn't see it, was out-voted for another program but I always thought she was badly done by and kicked to the kerb when it suited Them.

  10. Patel, a name that brings dread to many. Of course you intended this comment only for Victorian and overseas readers.

    Funny Jayne, I had never heard of her until a couple of years ago. As R says, the royals will do you in if it is in their interests.