Monday, November 30, 2009

Memo to KDR

Who knows who is responsible for maps to be found in our trains and trams. Generally, they are good and easy to understand, but here is one that is less than clear for those who don't know.

Where does the number 3 tram go after it crosses Chapel Street on its way to the city? It is very clear where the 3A goes, but the 3 just seems to disappear, not to be found again until the blown up map of the city centre.

Actually, I just took another look. The 3A is not so clear. What happens to it in Fitzroy Street? The 16 continues along Fitzroy Street, but where does the 3A go?

What is the new company slogan? Think like a passenger or something like that. Well, map person better get on and make a start.


  1. I (usually) plot my journeys before my tootsies even peep outside the front door, easier on my eyeballs and less stress to cause more grey hair :P

  2. Jayne, I can understand how some people have to suddenly make an unplanned journey by public transport. Maybe their doctor has said go straight to this specialist now, and they need to go by public transport. Even so, reception staff will usually help. Yes, new to a city, or as a tourist you get confused. But generally, I don't understand why people don't find out before they go somewhere. There are so may resources out there. Perhaps we are just map people.