Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The last post, for tv that is, and a very happy Remembrance Day

Monday night.

Australian Story, often good, sometimes brill. They have stopped using a soft focus lens on Caroline Jones. R watches Flash Forward. I liked the concept, but I find it boring American nonsense. I did tune into Lateline. The luxury of not having to get up too early this week.

Tuesday night, 7.30 Report, Foreign Correspondent and then the brill Packed to the Rafters. It is a well written soapie with brilliant actors. Stephen Fry's QI. Pure class. I struggle to get everything they say. And English as a second language person would possibly get one word in five and shake their head afterwards and say, what was that all about? Then Lateline.

Just so that you don't have to suffer any more tv posts, here is what I have saved to watch.

Media Watch. If you have the time, take a look at Andy's little bit about Jonathon Holmes and pwned. Everyone else has it seems.

Hope Springs. A great English show with, as per usual, very strong characters.

Stateline from last Friday and Can We Help. Collectors is there too, but I think we watched it.

Sunday, Landline. Gotta keep in touch with the country roots. Also the second episode of Busting the Wall on SBS. Yet wait, ABC came up with their own single Berlin Wall show, Where is the Wall. I was glued to the wireless as the Berlin Wall came down. It is of great interest to me, and I might add the the world changed significantly from then on, maybe for good, maybe not. Interesting thing I have just leant. The present Chancellor of the now unified Germany was from East Germany.

There are a couple of episodes of East West from SBS there. This Muslim Aussie cop show is very good, but sadly doesn't get a great number of viewers, and honestly, I find it hard going. Regardless, it is a quality program.

I recorded Four Corners, but probably won't watch it. It is of course worthy.

I save the best to last. About twenty three years ago, a couple of dyke friends visited us in East Malvern. R sensibly went to bed, but I sat up with the girls until five in the morning watching video taped episodes of Jewel in the Crown. I noticed all episodes on video tape in video stores a few years ago. I promised myself I would take a long holiday and watch it again. I never got around to it and now technology has overtaken me and here is digital Jewel in the Crown being broadcast on ABC 2 on Sunday nights. It is every bit as good as I remember it but I am picking up more of the subtleties this time, such as Mildred being perpetually pissed and Count Bronowski asking Captain Merrick if he thought the Nwab's son looked hot (paraphrase). I would have loved to lived in India in the time of the Raj, obviously not as a local, but an important person of the Raj. But they didn't get air con until '47 and then the Indians kicked the British out. Bugger.

I can't wrap without mentioning the really important matter about tv. Julia's hair looks great on Lateline tonight. Thanks Tony.


  1. I bought my mother the complete set of 'Jewell in the Crown' on video and it was a stack of cash in those days but she loved the series. Later I tracked down the books as well. Hopefully when I check through her library of film she won't have trashed them in the faulty player we couldn't take away from her.

  2. I have the books too Jahteh. The Raj Quartet and Staying On. Hope you find them.

  3. Jewel in the Crown was brilliant. I was hooked from the start.

    And you are correct about it's subtleties. I still have memories from the original screenings of the British woman's very discreet disclosure that the man who sexually assualted her was a Muslim.

  4. Has been bizarre explaining to FB about the Berlin wall and what it stood for - it has not existed in his lifetime except as a intangible thing that was in the distant past. He enjoyed the ABC wall doco, too.

  5. Victor, Daphne Manners said something along the lines of 'if you want me to explain how I know he is a muslim...' I am enjoying the second watching very much.

    Jayne, it would be hard to explain the impact of the Wall on the world and it coming down. I am pleased I was around to see it.

  6. The BBC did 'Staying On' as a telemovie which was really good.

    I'm thinking of taking the books to Mum as the brain is starting to tick over quite well.

  7. Great idea Jahteh. Dame M survived on talking books towards the end of her life. Is your mother vision impaired? The place at Kooyong is great. I saw Staying On too. Barbie from Jewel and her husband Tusker. As Barbie is somewhat a sad character in Jewel, so is she in Staying On.


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