Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catch Up Bits

Well well. Who's handsome visage gazed out from the MCV freebie gay paper this week, replete with Movember moustache.

Saturday night a week or so ago, we caught up with a dozen or so people for an Indian meal at Bala Da Daba in Glen Iris to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was very enjoyable and the venue was more suitable for a large number than the Ripponlea branch.

I was standing outside the restaurant enjoying the fresh air and the rain that was pouring down when a 4wd ran into another car and the 4wd ended up with its nose into a dry cleaner across the road. Sad to say, I don't think the 4wd was at fault. I think it was east bound in Malvern Road and a west bound car turned right into Tooronga Road in front of it. It was the full deal with ambulance, police, fire truck and later tow trucks. I noted the traffic light was green and so it wasn't a case of the 4wd going through a red light.

Sunday I worked and R looked after Little Jo. He took her into see the Myer christmas windows. The weather was still wet, so the there wasn't a crowd. Wednesday night Sister played cricket, so we looked after Little Jo again. How would you parents of young children like to have baby sitters on tap like Sister has with us?

Friday night just R and myself et at La Porchetta in South Yarra. I am not keen on most La Porchettas, but the South Yarra one is very good. The twenty five minute walk home with a full guts and a couple of red vinos was damn hard work.

Speaking of guts, Friday I had brunch at Gutz in Brunswick Street. I was a bit stressed because I too much to do that day, but I was determined to pleasure myself in Fitzroy for an hour or so but I can't say I felt relaxed.

Yesterday was Mother's mega garage sale. By 7.30 we were having breakfast at the Scottish restaurant under the arches (freeway) in South Melbourne and at Mother's by 8.30. Sister and Little Jo were already there along with Tradie Brother and his girlfriend who organised it. Mother made $660 and she was pleased and said we will have another. Given she did nothing, I am not so sure about that. Late Step Father's tools sold pretty well along with old videos and books. Clothes did not, but women's shoes did. The sale cleared about a third of what needs to go. We did make a hard rubbish pile though.

We came away with a 1000 piece jigsaw of Victoria's Twelve Apostles, about thirty Hogan's Heroes dvds for a workmate of R's, a device for removing lids off jars and some old maps, but the funny one was a foot spa that we had given Mother a few years ago and she used it twice. It had been a long day and last night I was looking forward to a foot spa. I got an extension lead, plugged the unit in at the base of my lounge chair, filled it with water and switched it on and nothing! It is now gone to our next hard rubbish pile.

Little Jo admiring the Myer window animatronics. Something about a pig called Olivia. No idea.


  1. Gah, my comment was swallowed up!
    I said.. haha, that Little Jo has grown up so much, she is gorgeous :)
    Great money for the garage sale.. I wonder if you Mum has stuff thast could go on that Freecycle site instead of hard ribbish..nah, more hard work there.
    I have had my foot spa since I began nursing at The Alfred... it has had a major work out this year with Tomas soaking his poor foot in it twice a day. They are good.. when they work that is :)

  2. You're a good auntie, Andrew ;)

  3. So annoying when that happens Cazzie. Thanks for rewriting. Believe me, what is in the hard rubbish pile is not suitable for Freecycle. I was a bit dissappointed that the foot spa did not work, but I guess I would have only used it once or twice.

    Jayne, while I may play the role, R does it with passion and cares, as you perhaps observed.

  4. I'm intrigued by your use of 'et' in this post and previously. I know that you are using a form of past tense for 'eat' that I recall (in spoken but not written form) from my youth but that I haven't seen/heard used by anyone else in years.

    I've looked up as many online dictionaries as I can find (that don't charge a fee) and have yet to find one that has a definition (or spelling) of 'et' that relates to eating.

    What a throwback to more genteel times you are, Andrew.

  5. Not sure about genteel Victor. My grandfather used to say et. At some point in the distant past I checked it in the Oxford and it is a legitimate pronunciation of ate. However, it probably should not be written as such, although a blog mate has picked it up too. Just a little bit of the old Australia I would like to keep alive. Maybe I should stop using it. What do you think?

  6. I don't claim to be any authority on language.

    Stick with it if you like it.