Monday, November 30, 2009

Boring or not so boring politics

At the age of sixteen, I, like most of my age, thought politics were boring. Many people of that age now would agree.

Although I demonstrated against the sacking of Whitlam and against John Kerr and his actions at the age of 18?, I had little understanding of what it was all about. I was with the mob. The Queen, through her representative, the Governor General, sacking our democratically elected government still bothers me muchly. In instilled into me a life long hatred of the Liberal Party, oddly not the Queen.

By the age of thirty I was quite fascinated by the mechanations of politics and I knew more about politics than I could have ever imagined when I was young, far more than I know now.

While sometimes I have flashes of interest, such as what is happening or not happening in NSW, my interest has gone down hill since I was thirty. My most frequent thought about politics is 'well, there is no surprise there'. I hope for our future there aren't too many people like me who just roll there eyes with extreme cynicism. Cynicism is not a good thing, especially in young people. Not that I have any really young readers, especially as Reuben has deserted the blog world, but young people really need to care with passion. It is too late for me to change the world. Please young people, have a go.

However, having said all that, I am glued to the radio and tv with the botheration in our Tory party, the Liberals. The conventional newspapers just can't keep up. New world is here. Maybe tomorrow there will be a new lamb to the slaughter. So exciting.........but then nothing will really change will it. I will return to my despair.

I cut and paste an email I received from a friend today. It might just make myself and R change the way we buy pork, leaving only the fresh chicken meat problem to deal with. If by me pasting in this email changes one person's actions, it is worth while me doing it. Ignore what is clearly an advertisement if you want and hunt out your own free range pork supplier.

Hi everyone,

If you saw the 60 Minutes segment the other week regarding pig farming in Australia you would have been appalled at the conditions the pregnant sows are kept in during the term of their pregnancy. It is acceptable in Australia to pen these sows giving them only an inch between them and the bars that trap them. Pigs are very intelligent animals and you could visibly see the distress these animals were in..

Anyway it really upset me and seeing as I can’t give up this meat completely I have vowed to use free range pork from here on. I thought I would share this information with you and hope that you can also consider the plight of these animals and try to use only free range as well..

I did some research and found a local supplier of free range pork is Otway which is stocked at most Safeway and Coles plus other speciality shops.

Interesting point, lean Otway pork has less fat than a chicken breast and is perfectly cooked when the it runs pink to clear when skewered, don't over cook.

PS I dont have shares in this company


  1. "Not that I have any really young readers, especially as Reuben has deserted the blog world..."

    You have me, of course...

  2. Much clearing of throat Brian.

  3. Yes, we are all young...compared to the old guard always in office dragging us ever downward past the gutters into the sewers.

  4. I don't eat pork, I will partake in nomming of bacon from time to time. I try to buy organic chicken where I can as I don't want anymore estrogen in my body than my effed up body already has!!

    As for politics, I'm fascinated at the Libs implosion, but really I don't care much. To me the two main parties are same old same old.

  5. In my younger years, I was completely uninterested in politics. As I get older, I become more and more interested. For me, it's been about gaining interest and passion regarding certain issues. Then politics became something I cared more about.

    Very sad about the pigs, but great that the email provides you with an alternative. My sister has recently switched to eating only free range/organic animals. She seems to be doing very good with it. A while back, Tim tried being better with that...but sadly he seems to have fallen back to old bad habits.

    He probably needs to watch some gruesome video, and that will get him back on track.

  6. Dina, we do free range eggs, pork is next followed by chickens. I enjoy meat too much to forgo it, but I don't like the idea of animals suffering. Hope you don't preach to Tim about meat. Subtlety probably works well.

  7. Fenz, politics is very depressing the late naughties. Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum. Chicken used to be very expensive. I think it should become so again and be only free range meat.