Monday, October 26, 2009


The police are warning us about pickpockets during the rest of the Racing Carnival. They could well be around in the lead up to christmas and working on public transport too. The police say they are often very professional gangs of Romanians, Bulgarians or South Americans. How do these people get into Australia?

While there are many South American born in Australia, who may have relatives from the old country who want to visit, I am not aware of a significant Romanian or Bulgarian community here.

Should not visitors from Romania and Bulgaria immediately raise immigration authorities alarm when said people are entering Australia? Like how many of them could there be?


  1. "...professional gangs of Romanians, Bulgarians or South Americans."

    Is it possible to be an amateur Romanian/Bulgarian/South American?

  2. as the possessor of a wallet empty save for a maxed out credit card, I can only say good luck to anyone targetting me.
    But then I will not be drunk and betting away any hard-earned at the races will I?

    3. people who have had very bleak histories (eastern europe) are not going to feel bad about knicking a wallet on Oaks Day, which is full of the expensively dressed.
    Wealth should Not Be Flaunted.

  3. I blame the Wombles.

  4. "How do these people get into Australia?"

    Well I bet they don't come by boat.

  5. Now I know why you always paste the relevant part into a comment Brian. Otherwise I would edit it and everyone would wonder what you are banging on about.

    Are they like Burnburys Jayne?

    Ha Daniel, we would have the cannons trained on them.

  6. Not drunk and nor at the races Emstacks? How disappointing. The gang members clearly are not poor peasants though.

  7. Romanians, Bulgarians & South Americans.... Oh, my!"

  8. Yes they are rampant on the Public Transport System.... and I have heard of them about the Racing Carnival too...ready to strike when people are vulnerable..secondary to alcohol consumption of course!
    They are suggesting that men place their wallets in their front pocket, or inside a suit jacket..if it is not too hot to weat one on race days..... or, carry a man bag!
    Women, they suggest to hold onto a clutch purse and not let it go. Oh, they being the Vic Pol.

  9. Yeah well Stephen, you have plenty of black Afro Americans around. We don't.

    Indeed Cazzie. After a drink or ten, you are pretty vulnerable and probably at you most unaware and trusting state.