Friday, October 30, 2009


With boring repetitive regularity VCAT are in the headlines and with boring repetitive regularity I keep ranting about them along with perhaps my second most disliked State Labor Government Minister ever, Planning Minister Justin Madden.

What have the been up to now? While media has whipped itself to a high level of hysteria, and much of the public with it, over late night venues in the city, young people drinking excessively and violence on the street, Minister Madden and VCAT are too stupid to even protect themselves.

Madden pleads ignorance as VCAT approves two new venues within a kilometre or so of the city to serve something over 2000 patrons. The respective councils said no, residents said no, the Liquor Commission said no, VicPol said no but VCAT said yes.

You can quote at me the technical points as to why they were approved, but I care not.

Could VCAT have discredited itself any harder if it tried? Does VCAT think there would be an uprising by the population if it was disbanded and replaced with a tribunal that was for the people and the greater good, rather than for big business and developers?

I can't but I reckon someone would have the knowledge to take you on a tour of suburbs within ten kilometres of the city in all directions and point out VCAT planning disasters left, right and centre.

VCAT, it it is time to get your front foot forward and start explaining yourself, not that VCAT spin will make an iota of difference.

Sad that the good work it does do is tarnished by its involvement in planning decisions. But hey, the government needs a fall guy. Cop it on the chin VCAT and I hope you all sleep the sleep of the innocent. I would feel worse if the tribunal members were actually troubled over their decisions.


  1. I don't even know who VCAT are/is, but they sound like an excellent waste of time.

  2. You'll find the majority are not effected one iota by their poor planning decisions so they quite honestly have nfi what they're doing wrong (apart from the increasing rabble shouting at their ivory tower...)

  3. Better off not knowing Brian. They would quickly deal with all those old and ugly bits of Fleetwood. Flatten the hills, demolish your house for twenty storey apartment block and replace those ridiculous old rattly electric vehicles with modern buses.

    I am proud to be among such rabble Jayne. People may not be directly affected, but I think people's perception of VCAT is that it is bad.

  4. Oops, I meant the majority on the VCAT board aren't effected by their decisions.