Monday, October 19, 2009


A supposed American Pit Bull Terrier locks onto a mans hand. In spite the efforts of four people, two of them policemen, the man's hand cannot be freed. The dog had already killed a cat, bitten a girl, and killed one of the trapped bloke's pet dogs.

It took paramedics with a syringe full of the good stuff to kill the dog and get the man's hand free.

I believe this is what American Pit Bull looks like. They come in many variations. When I was young we called them Pig dogs. Suitable for killing wild pigs, no mean feat.

I have mentioned this before. We took a dog on from the Lost Dog's Home. It was a Staffodshire Terrier. It was strong and powerful. After it demolished its fenced enclosure and nearly killed the dog we already had, we took it back to the home. We were very sad as it was lovely with us.

But it was untrustworthy and could easily do serious damage to a pet or a human. I'd reckon the home then put the dog down. Dogs this powerful and with uneven temperaments are not suitable to being in society.

While it is already illegal to breed them here, further measures need to be taken. Owner's of Pit Bull's always cry that theirs is some other breed. Of course I don't need to say what sort of people own these dogs, just to say they are of a type who would be unlikely to be invited to a garden party at Buck House.

American Pit Bulls and variations, remove from the owner. Rottweilers, also notorious, remove from owners. Forget the cutesy name Rotty. They are bad. Dogs bred for fighting, remove.

Do you think this might be politically unacceptable? Nonsense. I can see the spin doctors now working away on removing this threat to our society, our people, our decency, our country, protecting our children our elderly from this foreign breed.

Dog bites man or creature in anything else but self defence, dog gone.


  1. We had two Rotty's... they killed our cat (she was posing for them on the fence and well, she slipped and got her just deserts..and well the dogs got desert)...and so, with Tomas being an 8 week old baby and them dogs doing what they do..we had to take them to have the green dream... there was no other way.
    Yet, even until very recently, my husband's family could not see why we did what we did. I mean, they had to mind Tomas while we took the dogs to the vet to be put down and when we returned they were crying, and then they were like "Why?"and I said, "Well, the reason is who you are holding right there..your Grandson!"
    Derr! The answer to anyone's question as to why we had AAMI and Roxy is simple, we used to go rabbiting and we took them with us. It was the 80's and 90's and there was a rabbit plague on our friends properties up round Maldon way. We went there alot with the dogs.
    Like you said Andrew, the dogs were great with us, and granted, they were great with people we knew...but once something happens there is just no other choice.... and well, we had not had children around them so...who knows.. we did not let it get any further.

  2. Good decision Cazzie. Once they show their colours, there is no other option.

  3. I heard a 'thing' on Faine's program about these dogs and it makes me angry that the owners could even appeal having the dog put down if it had attacked someone or something. WTF! I'm all for the rights of animals but that's just taking it a tad too far.

  4. Agreed.
    Just heard Faine mention it this morning, something along the lines of "The type of people who own these dogs are already flouting the existing laws and don't give a fat rat's clacker so what's the point of (the State Govt) bringing even tighter restrictions in?"

  5. I don't get it Fenz. Why does someone want to keep a proven attacker? To do it again?

    Fave thing to do Jayne. Make new laws never having enforced the old ones.

  6. It's the 21st Century version of a penis extension.

  7. And a fitting place to bite their owners Jahteh.

    1. Anonymous9:56 pm

      You are just being down right rasict. What if we said o black folks are to dangerous they are not suitable to be in society. Ya now one is the president. Never thought that would happen. Anyway I'm happy people are so dam scared of pitbulls, because i feel much safer at home, in the car, or out in public. I could even leave the car unlocked and running and not even have to worry. Cas no one in their right mind would mess with a pitbull they don't know. I have a red nose pitbull who's just a big goofy sweatheart. He loves everyone from strangers, small children, cats, dogs, and people who don't even like dogs or are afraid. When he meets a group of new people he has to say hi to each person and give them a big wet kiss. I feel blessed for having such a good boy, im going to breed him to make sure his good nice genes continues. He maybe be a silly litte badass, but the best family dog u could own. Pitbulls are misunderstood. They need about double the attention of anyother breed and maybe it's cas they are a in ur face type of dog. My point is that bad dogs come in every breed. Pitbulls just happen to be one of the strongest and if u get one mad its scary, but so is any big angry dog. pitbulls originally protected the children as a family dog, but history shows much abuse from humans and we made them fighting dogs. Today they are still great guard dogs. We are the ones who should take responsibly, but people still blame pitbulls for being aggressive, when really we made them that way from years of hurting them. i ve been bitten by a big pitbull show dog that didn't get introduced properly to my puppy, and i had to save my dog. But I felt better me than my dogs neck. I love all dog but pitbulls are the funnest dogs to play with. And to anyone who needs protection don't buy a gun raise a pitbull:->

  8. I totally agree with above comments. My aunt had a "rotty" which was absolutely beautiful to her two young sons...and despite knowing me & my sister for several years he still insisted on snarling & chasing us whenever we had the temerity to leave the house via the backdoor. Aunt insisted that he was just "playing" or being territorial, but there's a big difference between those behaviours & trying to gnaw someone's head/hand off...

    Maybe that story is inflated by the passing of time, but I always feel quite wary of such dog breeds. I'm sure they're wonderful pets most of the time...but it's the other times I worry about.

  9. The evidence is quite insurmountable. Such dogs are just not trustworthy and now I even think it is irresponsible to own one if you have children.

  10. Thats the most powerful looking animal - its like its on steroids -

  11. Suppose they do feed dogs steroids MC. Never thought about it.

  12. have a cry people i own a staffy he is beautiful and has the best temprement he loves kids n would never hurt one sure there are bad ones out there sure they should b destroyed if they attack but not ALL of them r bad it all depends on how they are raised since day one i have tought my boy to be a lover not a fighter he has had other dogs try to attack him n has never retaliated he has even been attacks by cats! never has he hurt another animal or human so get a grip on reality not all of these breeds are so dangerous i know pit bulls who are just like my boy just get over it n get to know them

  13. BJR, I understand what you are saying. I am sure some individual dogs can be ok but if you look at the traits of the breeds, they do not have a good record. I cannot agree that it is all about how they are raised. Dogs have very strong instincts that training cannot overcome. Dogs are truly marvellous animals and there are so many different types of dogs, so why would anyone choose breeds that are known for aggression and anti social behaviour?

  14. Anonymous10:47 am

    I just have to say; english staffy is a great familydog if its propper socialised. they are known for theyr good behavior around kids! also called nannydog! the breed are to dag mostly counted a familidog, and their fighting instinct will in most cases just show, if they are provoced or attact by an other dog.. therefore; always keep your staffy in a leash! :)

  15. Anonymous2:28 am

    i can see what your sayin, you met up with a nasty dog, but so are people,not all dogs are the same, just like not all people, and you have no right to judge a person by what dog they own, saying that theree not the kind of people to go to a garden party, what ever dog someone owns,
    take a step bk and try not to be so critical abot things jus becose you and a few others have been hurt by these breeds,
    can clearly tell you aint the kind of person stong enough mentally and physically to be a leader to handle a dog like this,
    get a poodle..
    but then again you might not want one, jus like other people do want dogs like these,
    not everbodys the same mate,...

  16. Thanks for the comment. I haven't been hurt by any such dog.

    'no right to judge a person by what dog they own,' Quite so, but like most stereotypes, this seems to fit.

  17. Anonymous3:54 am

    Yall need to get your facts right. its obvious that most of the people dont know what their talkn about. Stop haten on pits. Their one of the best dogs out their. If they attack another dog most of the time its cause the other dog startd it. I have a pitt and its probly the nicest damn dog ive ever met. Hes never tried to hurt another human. Pitts are great family dogs and are great with kids. I just recently read a article on pitts that talked about a temprement test that was done on a wide variety of dogs and the pitt bull came in second. So stop haten on pitts their great dogs and i wouldnt own anything other than a pitt.

  18. Anonymous1:30 am

    my rottweiler is the sweetest dog in the world she's a big baby and all the pits ive ever seen were the same way. why yall gotta give them a bad rap?

  19. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Listen man you are an idiot, pit bulls are the most loving dogs u can have and they are great with children. I have a 9 month old boy and my pit loves him, she is very protective of him. So sew up ur puss and quit bad mouthing pits. I hope someday your "non pit" that is so perfect eats your f-ing face off, and that goes for the rest of you idiots that bad mouths pits also.

  20. Address the issue without personal abuse please.

  21. Anonymous6:20 am

    im sorry but these people leaving these comments are some of the most ignorant ive ever seen, and i just wish i could meet the person who left this origanal post, just (excause me) pure ignorance and retardation, any dog can be trained to be a fighter whether it american pit, labrador, or poodle, its ALL about the training from day one, just because a dog is stronger than you and probably has a bigger thing (by the sounds of these comments) does NOT mean a dog is vicious or bad, of course there are bad ones out there though, just like any other breed, there can be a bad poodle just as fast as a bad terrier, of course the terrier is much more dangerous thats why people are afraid and categorize and try to pass legislation over all, its b.s. thats like saying all black people are bad, or all white people are stuck up and rich, so not true.. same goes for dogs, yes there are dogs who fit the streo type and such dogs should be removed from society, BUT there are 10's of thousands of beautiful sweet and loving pit bull terriers that would never hurt a fly and probably better behaved than your little 5 pund weasel any day, remember that

  22. Rocky1:46 am

    all of you who think pitbulls & rottweilers should be banned, you're all ignorant. buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, raise it the right way, then make a decision. I've had my 2nd pitbull now for 3 years now and couldn't ask for a more loyal and well behaved animal.

  23. aha,just the tone of agression, the bad grammar "Yall" and bad spelling fits the stereotyping of pitbull owners!!!

    Seriously,I would not have a dog with this strength if I had children in the house....ever.Why would anyone even risk it?

  24. Church7:34 pm

    sorry pitbuls are not bad people are they see your inter side and some dogs go through too much just like humans do the only thing is we kill them for murder why not humans to just saying u get more time for shooting a dog than a human.Church

  25. You can't take out a whole breed of dog, because of a few. It's like saying wipe out all of the white race because they have some that are just trash. I'm tired of people always hating on pit bulls. Get over yourself. I've owned plenty/grow up with many my whole life. NOT ONE OF THEM HAD A MEAN HAIR ON THEIR BODY. It would lick you before ever biting.. it's all about the trainer.

  26. Perhaps I missed the headline 'Kelpie kills child', and I know kelpies are not the most trustworthy either.

  27. Lots of spelling and grammatical errors up there.


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