Monday, October 19, 2009

Sal, Sal, Sal

Sal Mineo.

Ok, I have heard of him, but a group of which I am a member posted some photos of him in a play called Fortune and Men's Eyes. Wow, bit raunchy and ever so homoerotic.

He acted opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. I have seen it and it too had a strong homoerotic element. I don't remember Sal very well. No doubt I was very focused on James.

Google images found a number of online photos of him. Sal was hot. I will add him to Highriser Celebs. You can see the gaol play photos there.

Sal was killed for money by a drug addled teenager in 1976, who had no idea who he was.

Some trivia, Sal donated a drum he used in a movie to a then thirteen year old David Cassidy.

As my parents said in the fifties, well not literally my parents but, I would tread him.

As we said in the nineties, I'd do him.

As we said in the seventies, and my favourite, I'd shag him.

I wonder what phrase young people use now?

Here are a few of pics of Sal. While R adores blonds and redheads, and I like them too, nothing grabs me like dark hair and dark eyes. Yeah Jahteh, you worked that out already.


  1. Hello Andrew !!!!
    Regards from Spain!!!

    Stupendous post, I ignore who is, of all that I read of your blog he/she teaches me a small piece of Australia, I am aware that Spain is a lot a country but transgressor and but liberal that yours.
    Many Greetings and kisses.
    It postdates: You go to the cinema to watch the movie of Alexandro Amenabar it is very very very fantastic with men very beautiful Spaniards!!!


  2. Sal? You've "heard of him" ?
    God, you young people.
    "Sal Mineo plays a mousey misfit named Plato (whose homosexuality is thinly veiled). Natalie Wood plays a young women named Judy, part of the in-crowd, who deep down is at wit's end. Both of these characters are amazingly believable, even fifty years later. Mineo's never been as enigmatic or as compelling as he is here as Plato."

    2. I can see your dog attack post under this one in my feed list, but I can't go there. I endured an attack by the same breed of dog very recently, the cops were not interested in coming (I called on my cellphone), the council ranger came after one hour, and the poor gentle old dog I was walking with was saved when a passing plumber beat the beast off with a spade.
    The lowlifes who create monsters from puppies, need to be thrashed in the city square as a Friday lunchtime entertainment for the rest of us.
    My own dear little dog was ripped in two by one of these attack dogs in 2006 and I will never get over it.

  3. Yep, he was a nice piece of eye candy ;)

  4. Memory tells me he was in West Side Story too. Did he play Chino?? Ahhh... but regardless, what a dish!

  5. Sal Mineo was not in West Side Story. Chino was played by Jose De Vega.

    From memory, Mineo was killed in a car parking station. I've always wondered whether the encounter with his murderer was a gay (or ostensibly gay) meeting.

  6. "I wonder what phrase young people use now?"

    "F*ckin' well f*ckin' rad innit," or some other such garbage I suspect.

  7. 'Dark hair and dark eyes', you forgot four hands.

  8. And the ability to say Yes, Yes, in 16 languages.

  9. Smouldering Cazzie.

    Thanks Fete. We do see many Spanish films here. I will watch for some of his.

    Emstacks, I better have a rewatch hey. I recall Sal had a whiney voice. Horrible dog tales.

    I don't usually share Jayne.

    Over to Victor below Raelene.

    Did occur to me too Victor.

    Lol Brian. Quite possibly.

    Four hands and sixteen languages Jahteh. Greedy!