Monday, October 19, 2009

Project Complete

Forty five litres of Dulux Lexicon x 1/4 (white), eight litres of feature colour Dulux Centra (sandy gold) and four litres of bleach for cleaning woodwork later, the apartment has been painted.

Venetian blinds professionally cleaned.

Things that don't get moved and cleaned under were moved and cleaned under.

Pictures were juggled around and rehung.

Wardrobe doors removed for cleaning.

Light and power switch covers removed and cleaned.

Cables for computer, tvs, audio and assorted electric equipment cleaned.

Two Roman blinds vacuumed.

Light and lamp shades cleaned.

Old painting equipment chucked.

New painting equipment chucked.

About two dozen dead bogan moth remains discovered and disposed of.

Balcony cleaned, especially where exhaust fans remove the greasy fumes from cooking.

Still a few jobs to do, and there always will be, but we are quite proud of ourselves.

Clean, fresh and bright.


  1. Lovely. You are a good housewife Andrew.

  2. I have to do both roles Cazzie.

  3. And you're still together - that's probably the greatest achievement after a month of sprucing up a home.

  4. Oddly Tony, we never blue when we are working together on something like that.

  5. You make me terribly ashamed of my housekeeping now I'll have to go and have some more therapy.

  6. Here's another renovator in a highrise. His work is also fab and all the commentors there love him for it too.

  7. Jahteh, but not actually do anything to improve it?

    Ann, I do like class and restraint. His digs show neither. Amusing nevertheless.

  8. Now that you're done at your joint, can you pop over...? :P

  9. Join the queue Jayne.

  10. Wow; that's impressive.

  11. I left out the dollar figure, about $600. But a lot cheaper than paying someone to do it.

  12. Who did you get to do the venetians? my daughter has tried and tried but they still seem to be dirty - they are shitty little thin venetians and at every window of her rented unit - When they have to move I'd consider shouting her...are they near South Melbourne -

    and I am in line for your home cleaning and renovation/painting team too please - in lieu of a kangaroo and snake filled good time west of port Macquarie - are we on??? Oh Sure

  13. MC, the company is Melbourne Venetian Laundry. They came and took the blinds away at 8.00am and returned them spotless at 1.30pm. They are in South Oakleigh, but they clean many highrise blinds in our area. $20 per blind, $60 pick up and delivery and rehanging. They even replaced those silly little clips at the tops. Our blinds too are cheapies, very thin.


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