Monday, October 05, 2009

Photo Storage

Flickr, Webshots, Photobucket and Picasa. I use them all. When online photo storage first started, there were very limited options and some had one feature I liked and another had another feature I liked. Now, I could just use one, with different folders and privacy settings.

I would put the time in and get all my online photos at one site, perhaps Flickr and even pay for it, but the work that is required is unimaginable as links where I have posted my photos on the net would all get broken and I would have to repair them, although some photo posters don't seem to care about that.

I like my photos but I don't think I am a very good snapper. Even my dirty camera lens had to pointed out to me. Thanks Reuben.

Speaking of good photos, and I thank Jayne for alerting me to this site, have you ever taken a look at Shorpy's Photos? It is site of mostly historic black and white photos from the US. The quality of the some of the photos are extraordinary and yet they can date back to the early twentieth century. There are often railway and tram photos posted. Make sure you see the high resolution full sized photos.


  1. Black and white photos are often better than colour for sharpness. In the early 70s something happened with colour film and shots from then have turned a revolting orange shade.
    A lot of your Mum's photos, like my Mum's would be sepia which is a softer medium.

  2. Jahteh, could I say there is not beauty in modern photos? They are so harsh. I don't want to see a 10 megapixal pimple in high definition. I love sepia.

  3. Sepia softens so much yet it makes historic subjects look current; have a gander at any sepia-toned school kids photo from the early 20th century and they could be ankle biters running amok down the street at this very minute.
    Yep, there was some chemical process change in colour film and everyone got an orange make-over.

  4. i've got about 4 photobucket accounts, who exactly knows why... answers on a postcard please. My flickr account is for my "photography", whereas I use the photobucket accounts for bits and bobs.

  5. Jayne, maybe it was the tanned skin looks better thing.

    Fenz, a couple of my accounts were for keeping private photos from public ones. I guess you the same. Not necessary now.