Monday, October 05, 2009

Pandorad again and my blogaversary

Oh, I missed my fifth blogaversary. I meant to publish this a while ago. Here goes.

Wow, I did get updated again at Pandora archive by the State Library October last year. I consider this such an honour and while I would like to write marvellous posts full of well expressed, grammatically correct writing on fascinating and newsworthy subjects and become worthy of an honour, that was not why I was chosen, obviously.

(Highriser now puffs himself up, full of self importance)

I like to think my blog captures some time, a period in the history, of the rise and rise of highrise living (the good and the bad. Note to self, must write a bit about the bad), about St Kilda Road and some of the inner burbs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and the world. As in life where I know a little bit about a lot, so is my blog.

How long will I continue to post? Maybe one day I will run out of steam. But stuffs just keep on happening, personal and public, and history is being made daily. Things that both I and you write about today, may well be examined in minute detail in the future.

I considered very carefully when agreeing to have my blog archived, only because of less than flattering references to some family members and I know that no matter how much I might clean up my past blog posts, the original is archived. I had no intention of any of them reading such things, they were rants. Probably the ones I was most critical of were the ones I feel closest to. I am more circumspect now.

I take much joy from people I have come to know through my blog. I am sad when some drift off for various reasons. If you are listed on my side bar, believe me, I read all you write, even if I don't comment, and what a disparate collection of blog mates I have gathered.

So Little Jo, if Sister is now telling you what is in my will and there is a url there too, do click on the Family tag and have a look. I don't know how you will turn out, as lovely as you are now, but no one has ever received more love than you.


  1. Gosh Andrew, I haven't really looked at the date of my bloggerversary, yet I will do so after I comment here :)
    Firstly, congratulations on your anniversary here. I have been following you for a few years now and, just like you, I read all you write but do not always comment. At times I am reading through my blog list and have to go somewhere or do something.
    Your blog is the first one I read and sometimes the only one I will read in one day. What brings me back is the diversity of your posts. I love the historical ones and the ones about goings on around Melbourne.
    Also, because of you, I have begun to follow a few other blogs and I love their content too. Lots of laughs and adventure in Jayne's writing for example (Hi Jayne!).
    Following you through the experience of becoming an Uncle to Little Jo has been lovely too. Believe me, it excited me when she was born and I love seeing what she is up to and where you and R take her. I miss my kids being that little sometimes, and I know how much fun they are as early toddlers.
    Anyway, keep that pot boiling, and puffs of steam leading the way to more years of bloggerville. Huggs Cazzie :)

  2. October must have been a good month for blog starts, mine's coming up too.

    You might be archived but my nekkid blokes are still prettier than your nekkid blokes.

  3. Congratulations on your Blogoversary! Hope there are many more...

    Andrew a.k.a. TVAU

  4. You should note the date of your blog start Cazzie. You have been around for a while and a while and a little bit more. Funny how we lead such very different lives and yet we connect. Well, I think we do. I remember you from yonks ago at a co workers blog, but later I found out I had met you, many years before the net. May our electronic friendship continue. Who knows, one day we may actually meet. Btw, I was just complaining to R the other day about how quickly she has grown and wished she could have stayed a baby for longer. And boy, have I learnt a lot from you.

    Jahteh, Lord Sedgwick has a lot to answer for, that is telling me about this old red haired crone who has a blog. Agree, your blokes are pretty. I don't always go for the conventional though. Nice knowing you girlfriend.

    Thanks Andrew. I don't comment too often as I would be always asking 'what ever happened to?' and 'He was so hot' and 'remember that'. As I said, I always read and I only read if I enjoy.

  5. "Things that both I and you write about today, may well be examined in minute detail in the future."

    If only by the police...

  6. I think that Pandora thing is a huge honor. Congratulations.

    I didn't even know Blogger was around for that long. Do you know when it started?

    Anyway, I enjoy knowing you. I hope you keep up with your blog for a long time.

  7. oh Dina! Blogger just turned 10 - they had candles n stuff on the homepage. Must pay more attention.

    Andrew: OMG I forgot about that archive thing. Must guard own comments more in future.

    I started Feb 2005 and it was after reading Sedgwicks and that's where I met you.
    Everything is his fault.

    I wished you happy blogday last year. Ditto.

  8. Happy bloggy party, DrewAn ;)

  9. Congrats old boy, and what's this, the quinella? ha ha. Good heavens. Extraordinary! Well saying nice things to bloggers keeps me awake at night, but there's a crabby old dear, bit of a professor -using moderation right now- and I popped in to wish her the same, with flattery too, and she printed it of course, but I had another comment -for a different posting, suggesting ever so slightly she may be wrong about something, and guess what, it didn't get printed.

    ha ha! Ain't that blogging!

  10. That comment is a bit confusing I know but two young women turned up and I had to finish it quick, what I'll say is some bloggers will only accept comments agreeing with their point of view, nothing else, and it's astonishing that even the most seemingly proper and educated will stoop to it.

  11. YAY, Happy Blogaversary. I've no idea how old mine is, I started on livejournal and then transferred everything over here. Let me check... *insert checking music here*... BLIMEY, i started on April 13th 2001. Two thousand and ONE! I need to get a hobby ;)

  12. Brian, pretty good chance yours will be of interest in the future.

    Thank you Dina. Ann says blogger has been around for ten years.

    Don't worry Ann. They can sue the Library.

    No party atmosphere Jayne. Blogging is so solitary.

    Comments stay this time Robert.

    Ta Fenz. Gosh, you were an early embracer. Well done. Blogging is a hobby. That is how I justify it.