Friday, October 23, 2009

More St Kilda

It must have a cool early weekday morning to get this photo of the Vineyard in St Kilda without a patron. I haven't been there but I have seen it many times and at night, especially Friday and Saturday, it is packed. I think the expression is that it 'goes off'. Guards valiantly fight to keep patrons within its boundaries voices and music reach a crescendo and taxis are queued outside to cart patrons away.

It had some botheration with the council for a bit, over public land encroachment I think, but the problems were sorted out with some modifications to the premises.

Not too many venues in St Kilda have such an open outdoor space.


  1. i tried to comment on this yesterday, however i kept getting errors so gave up. Now I forget what I was going to say :P My apologies.

  2. There was a problem yesterday Fenz. I could not comment on comments. I expect you were going to write about some tales of drunken debauchery that started or ended at the Vineyard.

  3. I love Melbourne and would move there tomorrow if both my kids lived thereabouts - either of them could move so am waiting to see where they land - in about 5 years i think...Port Macquarie is just so bland...been here since '76...too long
    I love St Kilda.

  4. MC, I get your point, but a little St Kilda can go a long way.