Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If I had a hammer

I'd hammer in the morning. I 'd hammer in the evening, all over this land. In tribute to Mary of Peter, Paul and Mary, who recently died.

This pictured hammer has some family history, which I will recount, but why does it have holes in the handle?


  1. Do the holes in the handle help absorb some of the shock to reduce strain on your hand and arm?

  2. I would say the same, to absorb shock

  3. so you can poke your fingers in them and get them stuck at the knuckle!

  4. In order to convert your hammer into a handy yoke for hamsters.

  5. Anonymous10:47 pm

    So you can play it like a flute?

  6. ok, maybe for blowing bubbles through?

  7. We used to love Peter, Paul and Mary. Tim's current job has some connection to Paul.

  8. For sizing the nail heads you're going to pound into your next victim's coffin? :P
    Wait, sorry, that's my fetish...

  9. They probably would absorb some shock Altissima and Ian, but no.

    Good chance of that happening Fenz.

    Space for six hamsters Brian, but I doubt they could move it.

    No Anon, it does not enter the mouth or make noises.

    Prefer plastic bubble blowers Ian.

    Dina, ah. Music.

    And only one hit Jayne and the nail is in, and there is the solution.

    The holes were drilled to make it lighter. It is as heavy as with the holes. More later.

  10. Perhaps it how the workmen measure their tools?

  11. I read the story of the hammer in the next post - wow what a keepsake - hand made!!!


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