Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hot Sydney Chicks

Three Sydney women who were around in the twentieth century. I will get around to writing a bit about them, but can anyone name them? For some reason I think this post might get many hits from Google Search.


  1. The first one is BEA - everyone loved her. She was still around in the late Sixties when I lived in Paddington.
    Try Rosaleen Norton for some fun. She was the witch of Kings Cross.

  2. Martin2:10 am

    The pair is Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh (two charming women who were actually rivals).

  3. Martin2:15 am

    And I gather Bea Miles (thanks Ann).

  4. They're the Nolan Sisters, aren't they?

  5. What Martin and Ann (re Bea Miles) said. :-)

  6. I knew the bea Miles one - wasn't sure which one was Tilly devine and didn't recall the other name

    The two bottom ones look like a wild pair...

  7. oh yeah Stirrers Dream - and if you had not had the stability of a good marriage you too might have been a woman that other people describe as wild.
    Poor Bea just needed the love of a good man. She was incredibly beautiful in the 1930's.

  8. Marshall I read Bea Miles' story - can't recall the author - even in age she has a lovely face - Tilly Devine I only know of through reading about - I have a feeling there was a movie made about Bea miles Life - wish i could recall -

    and then again if she did have the love of a good man - she would have become someone else as well - if she had the love of a bad man who knows what???

  9. Martin5:14 pm

    Tilly's on the right. Norton WAS an interesting Kings Cross debaucheress (as suggested by Ann above).

  10. Ann, everyone loved her except for cops and tram conductors. Norton was a bit later than these lasses?

    Top of the class Martin. Indeed they were rivals.

    Heard of them Brian, but can't recall anything about them.

    Pleased you knew Victor.

    Very good MC. Pretty wild, yes.

    Emstacks, I did not know that. She was also quite comfortably off I think too. Her parents had money didn't they?

    You have all done very well.

  11. Bea also ran amok in Melb on her push bike and was up before the beak on several occasions.
    The gal was committed to the loony bin by her dear Papa who she despised with a vengeance and was only released cos the newspaper Smith's Weekly put it in print.

  12. Middle Child,

    I think the book about Bea Miles was Lillian's Story. Although when I read the book, I hadn't realized it was based on a true story.

    There was a movie. It starred Toni Collette and Ruth Cracknell. Have you seen it?

  13. Never knew she came to Melbourne, Jayne.

    Not sure who was in the movie, but you are right Dina.

  14. I cannot wait to read what you have on these women Andrew, I believe I read a book that Dina mentions, a very good read indeed!

  15. It will be brief and to the point Cazzie. There is plenty on the net to read for anyone who is really interested.