Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Hammer

Well here is the hammer story.

In the sixties, long before I was born, my uncle was in a terrible car accident. While one of those in the car did not survive, my uncle did, possibly due to the generous rear parcel shelf in the VW Beetle, but he was brain damaged. He lived with us for a time. He worked for the State Electricity Commission who took responsibility for his rehabilitation.

He worked in a machine shop for a time to improve his fine motor skills as part of his rehab and made the hammer. I keep it only for sentimental reasons and I have a proper wooden handled claw hammer to use. The steel one is heavy, hence the holes drilled in it to make it lighter, it is unbalanced, badly angled and the claw does not work.

It is perhaps useful for tapping someone on the scone with or breaking a brick, but hopeless for driving in a nail.

I am just thinking, no wonder Mother does not want to cook anymore. She cooked for my father, two of his brothers, four children and often her parents too, plus other visitors or house guests.


  1. Nope, I don't blame her at all when you list them all like that!

  2. "In the sixties, long before I was born..."


  3. Vehicle collisions are a very bad thing.
    I have driven drunk though. very drunk. From Wellington Parade to Brighton at 5am.
    All women in the middle of marriage breakdown should have carkeys confiscated by law.
    I stopped cooking the very day after the husband left.

    2. Andy B chortle 1. Me chortle 2

  4. Yeah Jayne, given what a lousy cook she is. She could do quantity, not quality.

    Andy, just think of what your parents were doing in the sixties and then have a good jerk.

    Ann, people of our age have drunk driven. Present day, we read about women now who are under extreme stress doing the same thing. It is wrong, but I have some sympathy. No regrets then girlfriend?

  5. oh dear I should have said that also I have been in a car written off by a speeding drunken driver. His car ripped in half. and that was at dawn on New Years Day 1969. corner of Elgar Rd and Burwood Highway, where many have been killed so I'm not complaining.
    Hello to all casualty staff at Box Hill Hospital.

    and if I was any good I would have said in previous comment
    "driven while HAMMERED" bwah ha ha (but with all due respect to your brother of course)

    Driving under the influence of many prescribed drugs is just as evil as while drunk. I wish more publicity was given to this, considering most of the country is medicated.

  6. I recall that intersection as being bad Ann. Not sure why. Maybe the hill. Prescription drugs are an unknown I guess.

  7. Yairss women are allowed to consider retirement as being total as well!!!Mothers too!