Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ftizroy Street Cycling

This is the new cycle path along Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. Flash I would call it, but how practical is it? All looks well in this photo to me. Perhaps you think otherwise, especially if you are an experienced cyclist. Do tell. There is a small Give Way sign facing the cyclists travelling south and of course they need to give way to any traffic. Cars turning left into Fitzroy Street have no need to look left to check for traffic, only to their right.

But here is where it all goes wrong. Cyclists travelling north must give way to all traffic. That is traffic coming out of the side street and traffic turning into the side street. Why can't the motorist check for approaching cyclists as well as cars to the driver's right. Same for traffic turning into the side street. Please explain!

Btw, this dual direction cycle path is deadly for pedestrians. I did it myself. You don't think to check left before stepping out.


  1. Hmm. I'm not a regular cyclist, but it strikes me as odd that a northbound cyclist on the path has to give way, but a northbound cyclist on the road doesn't. Surely that's not going to greatly encourage cyclists to use it?

  2. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Doesn't matter what you build for the cyclists - they will never abide by the road rules. They don't stop at stop signs, red lights or pedestrian crossings now so any new signage means nothing to them.

    If they come close to me while I am crossing a road or on a footpath I just push them over and tell them to abide by the road rules.

  3. Gross generalisation there anonymous, i cycle regularly and I abide by all road rules and am always on the look out for pedestrians. I can't tell you the number of times however, that I've almost hit peds because they don't look before they step onto the road.

    This path sounds a bit weird, I think I'd rather stick to the road to be honest. Sounds like there'd be more issues riding on the path.

  4. They need to have more community ads to alert drivers to be aware of cyclists, like the old motorcycle "look right, look left, look bike" ads.

  5. Odd indeed Daniel. I have looked at Bicycle Victoria's website and can't find any mention of it. Same at City of Port Phillip, although they have changed their website to a more user friendly model, consequently I can't find anything.

    Anon, what tosh, but imagine if every cyclist was in their own car or on public transport?

    I think an experienced cyclist may well be better off on the road Fenz. Of course people will protest that you should be in the bike lane.

    Yep Jayne. I interact a lot with cyclists each day and generally, I don't have a problem with them.

  6. I'll forward this post to Tim. He does the bike thing. Maybe he'll understand. ????

  7. Good Dina. Not sure I could visualise it well if cars were on the wrong side of the road though.

  8. And we all know who coined that term "Please Explain" when that twit on 60 mins asked her to explain Xenophobia - well we all know what it means now - after that kerfuffle - don't know much about bike riding rules - Cazzie calls some of them Suicyclists

  9. MC, I am not for defending PH, but how many people knew exactly what the term meant. Clever name by Cazzie. I have not noticed it.