Thursday, October 01, 2009

From Mother's Wardrobe again

Mother had three penfriends when she was in her teens, two in England and one in Japan. Here is a christmas card sent to Mother from her Japanese penpal. It is very beautiful. The picture is on flimsy tracing paper and only attached at the folded end of the card.

It was only five years after the end of WWII and from what is hand written inside, the penpal was clearly very eductated, including in English and she must have been from a relatively wealthy family. They lost touch at some point.

One penfriend in England, a Mrs Foster, was older than Mother and they kept their correspondence up until Mrs Foster died, maybe a letter ever six months. I remember parts of one a letter that arrived in 1965 and Mrs Foster was filled with grief over the death of her beloved Winston Churchill.

The other in England, Mother also lost touch with. After the war Mother used to post her food parcels, probably confectionery I reckon.


  1. "After the war Mother used to post her food parcels, probably confectionery I reckon."

    So long as they weren't shrimps. Shrimps didn't travel well round half the planet before the invention of Tupperware.

  2. An honourary aunt (who was a 'dedicated spinster' with her live-in female 'companion' according to my mother *snort*)gave me all her stamp collection and correspondence with a male friend (of Dorothy) from Japan from pre-WW2 and a little post-WW2.
    She couldn't suddenly be his enemy with the outbreak of war!

  3. England in crisis was in great need of shrimps Brian?

    Wow Jayne. Our brother friends had a similar aunt. I guess if she was ok corresponding before the war, she would during. Indicates an already open mind.

  4. England's always in crisis, Andrew...and we always need shrimps for the buffet.

  5. That is one gorgeous card Andrew :)
    Home made cards are the best, I love making my own cards and putting my own words in them too.

  6. Brian, I forgot what shrimps were, prawns of course. Makes more sense.

    We had a card making stage Hippie Chick. It is fun and they are so nice to receive.