Monday, October 26, 2009

Diwali, Art and the Baby

Supposed to be a diary. Better update a bit.

Last Saturday night was the annual Diwali celebration in South Oakleigh. It was a quiet affair this year with around ten dinner guests and only about two hundred tea lights lit. It is the Indian Festival of Lights you know. I was subdued as after four weeks off work, I had to work the next day.

We have a very large blank wall in the apartment since it is has been repainted and pictures rearranged. This Saturday we took ourselves out in the afternoon to look for an original. R has wanted to buy one for some time. He is also thinking about a new bed or bedroom suite.

We headed to Forty Winks in Elsternwick via a shop or two in Glenhuntly Road that has distracted us. Nothing excited us at the bed shop.

On to an art sales shop in North Road, Murrumbeena. Some stuff we liked and the prices weren't too bad. We had to stop ourselves from choosing a picture we liked and remember that it has to work when hanging on our wall. We possibly will revisit the shop.

R suggested coffee at the close by Oasis. He has been then with work related stuff. I was amazed. It was very good and it is also a Middle Eastern grocery shop. Why wasn't I told. We scoffed our Turkish Delights and drank our coffee while listening to the constant traffic in North Road. Note to self, take greater care with icing sugar covered Turkish Delight when wearing black.

Speaking of traffic, god how hideous the traffic was on a Saturday afternoon. Doesn't anyone have anything better to do than drive around on a Saturday afternoon? Four million people and rapidly rising and they were all out in their motor cars.

Down to the corner of Bay and New Streets in Brighton where we knew of another artwork shop. The prices were higher and the work very nice. We bought nothing but are more educated now.

At six Sister turned up with Little Jo for us to look after while Sister and the Bone Doctor went out for dinner. A friend called in for a chat. It was a pleasant evening. We took Little Jo for a swim, although she won't go in the pool anymore since she has discovered the 'bubble pool'. We gave her a bath to rid her of chlorine and played until her mother came returned.

I managed to unload a few books to Sister that I was going to throw out. 'Hey', she said. 'I gave you that one.' Oops, and it was signed by the author Robert Dessaix.

Back to work Sunday morning.


  1. That Oasis bakery has photos of young studly looking chaps taped up behind the counter with phone numbers and the slogan "looking for wives".
    I resisted the urge...

  2. Really Jayne! I am slipping. Missed that entirely.

  3. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Oasis is great, isn't it?

  4. I think so Scott. I was a bit stunned by the experience. I must go again and take it in properly, preferably using public transport. Oh, that seems a bit hard actually.

  5. Yumm turkish delight :)

    Oh, Little Jo is a lucky girl to have a spa... I want onnneeee! Waa :)

  6. She does not have one Cazzie, but the gay uncles do.

  7. Now I'm wanting some Turkish Delights.

    It took me awhile to figure out what "bubble pool" is. I'm dense sometimes....well, most of the time.

    Yeah. Those things have a lot of chlorine.

  8. Best Turkish Delight I have eaten Dina. Yes, we call it a spa, you call it hot tub. Not sure who calls it a jacuzzi.