Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Cheese Head

Or is it Cloghopper? The tulip muncher? There used to be racist terms around in Australia for people from the Netherlands. Dangerous area after the frurore from last night's Hey Hey, it's Saturday. See Cazzie's post for my opinion in the comments.

But Dutch is on my mind. The ex NT politician and policeman's Fijian Indian partner is entertaining a visitor from the Netherlands. The partner and Dutch guy met when the above named were on a Canadian cruise last year. He is here in Australia for a couple of months. We have met him twice already. He is dark haired and quite nice looking, sociable, good sense of humour, good English.

As the stereotype goes, Dutch people are scrupulous about cleanliness of their abode and it did not take long before the visitor expressed his view over how filthy his hosts' kitchen was. Yes, it is, but just not on their priority list. Dutch man cleaned the kitchen top to bottom and perhaps cleaned the front room too and opened the blinds and turned the lights on to show how clean and tidy the house is. Except in a quiet Australian street in South Oakleigh, no-one walks past to notice.

NT ex Pollie friend suggested we catch up tonight. Dinner for us all at the Palmerston Hotel and coffee and cake back at our place. He failed to check with them first. They were no shows and there was just us and him.

But given this visitor from Netherlands fitted the picture of being gay and very clean and tidy, we made sure we had the place looking spic and span. Painting stuffs pushed into a corner in the spare room. A picture hung where a cupboard may go in the future. Stove top, sink and kitchen benches sparkling. All blinds perfectly angled to admire views. Fresh flowers arranged. Cakes and decent fresh coffee bought.

Relayed from NT ex Pollie, the Dutch guy said, we will see them (us) Sunday, which is quite true, why see them tonight?

Really the blame lies with NT ex Pollie for not actually asking his partner and the Dutch visitor first as to whether they would like to come and visit, instead presenting it to them after he had told us, matters little to me.

I am feeling mega pissed orf for the effort we have put in and the dollars spent. Hello, we are are redecorating you know. The place is not so great at the moment.

I satisfy myself with the knowledge that the Dutch visitor has found our casino to be a very attractive place, so hopefully Victoria is getting some guilders, sorry, euros out of him to moderate my and your taxes.


  1. Hope you bent your elbow after all the fluffing and fussing you went to!

  2. Oh, that sucks : (


    Anyway, from what you you've seen about the Netherlands....I'm wondering if my parents are secretly from there.

  3. Never miss that Jayne.

    Well Dina, they must have originally come from a European country? Do you know which?