Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We all understand this carbon trading scheme, don't we. We know about the salable certificates. It is so simple. If I don't use my allowance of carbon, then I can sell what is left over to you so that you can use more. We are both happy.

If you can't afford to pay me but you need more carbon allowance, tough titties. That is the market at work.

But if you are a large multinational company who supplies our energy, don't worry, the government, meaning us, will pay your bills.

Actually, I don't understand carbon trading at all. I don't understand emissions trading. I don't understand carbon sequestration. I don't understand how if a farmer does not plough his field and keeps the carbon in, he gets an extra allowance and can sell it.

I am of perhaps medium level intelligence and I have read and seen a lot about the whole biz. Still, I don't understand it. I can only suspect this might be the intention.

Is it too simple to use the technology that is readily available to reduce carbon emissions?

The only thing that made sense to me recently was a thousand or so square kilometres of solar panels in our deserts that could produce enough power for all of Australia.


  1. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I'm with you Andrew - I don't understand the scheme and I think it is a load of hogwash thought up by someone obviously out to make a quick buck. It's not gunna reduce the pollution going into the atmosphere which is causing all the problem. In this day and age we should have clean fuels supplying our energy by harnessing the sun, wind and sea and not relying on fossil fuels which will run out eventually. It's just the Governments haven't got the guts cause they are controlled by big businesses. Each has it's hand in each others pockets.

  2. ^Precisely^ This "trading scheme" is nothing but another way for money to be made, instead of a simple carbon tax, which is much easier to understand, explain, implement and monitor. I agree that fierce lobbying has warped the process and once this beast is released, it'll be impossible to reign in. Too much C02 being released? Increase the tax. Under the scheme, how is the government, next to buying up or selling credits (which will cost us again!), supposed to control it?

  3. Anon, I wonder if the electors in swinging seats feel the same? I hope so.

    Just too simple Rob, too simple.

  4. Just for one moment I thought you were going to explain it all for me.

    I've been wondering if I can make some income selling off my unused farts?

  5. It's money for Wall st types, that's for sure as they will benefit from all the trading of carbon, for the rest of us, it will mean higher prices for many, many things. And for the environment?, will there be less carbon?, am just not sure that's a given.

  6. It's load of bollocks, trying to be seen to be actively doing something when, in fact, there's sweet FA actually happening(which cup is the peanut under?).
    A cross between Yes, Minister and The Emperor's New Clothes.
    Whack up a bajillion solar panels in the outback - *GASP* then remote communities would have electricity, too!
    How revolutionary!

  7. Victor, maybe I was going to explain and realised I did not understand it all. Your offer declined, thank you.

    Ian, it will be interesting to see what Bama takes to C'hagen, if anything but words.

    Load of bollocks is the technical term then Jayne. I like it.

  8. If you can get Professor Ian Pilmer's book "Heaven and Earth" your eyes will open wide and wider and wider - then none of the con job being foisted upon us all as a huge tax will make sense - follow the money trail -

  9. Said before I think MC, but we are being sold a pup.