Friday, October 23, 2009


I was going to write a rant about VCAT, but instead I am feeling happy and I bring you the best of what grabbed my short attention span on the net this week, aka, viral videos.

Veteran Channel Nine newsreader did not bat an eyelid as a seagull made a star performance. He was seeing the image in a monitor behind the camera.

You don't have to watch this drunk guy for very long to get the idea. I have never been quite as bad as this dude.

Terrabyte in Perth put this vid up on his website. It is good. Would I waste your time with some overlong and boring?

Virginia Trioli is a well respected broadcaster, but it maybe she is not a morning person and has a problem with suffering fools gladly in the early hours.


  1. I had a giggle at them all Andrew, the last one especilly..caught out!

  2. Yesterday I saw it in television we heard Australia and I said Andrew's distant country

    (we Laugh a lot)

    Saludos desde ESpa√ĎA!!!!
    Regrads from SPAIN!!!!

  3. A friend of mine was very legless last year in busy Westfield Bondi Junction - not as bad as the man in the liqour store but pretty bad. It is not a funny sight when it is a friend so affected by drink.

  4. Excellent giggle-fest for the start to the day :)

  5. She blotted her copybook Cazzie.

    Perhaps the only news from Australia for the week Fete.

    Nothing worse than someone being drunk when you are stone cold sober Victor. We get early Sunday morning phone calls from R's sisters in England where it might be 11pm Saturday night there. You can imagine.

    In a good frame of mind to tackle the world Jayne. :)

  6. Re the drunk guy - I kept hoping someone would help the poor bugger up...he was trying so hard and in so many ways -

    loved them all and the ABC presenter just shows how far we have come from how news was presented in past years = without opinion, inflexion - I recall news in the late '60's on ABC and it was read unemotionally - was only on opinion spots where personal views intruded. I am afraid I wouldn't care who she interviewed she was unprofessional and cheap.

  7. He really was trying hard MC. Willing him to make it. Yes, it was unprofessional and she has been around long enough to know better. Still, it is funny.


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