Saturday, October 31, 2009


Media star Tony will be on ABC Melbourne radio at around 10.30 tomorrow morning, Sunday, talking about Our Fading Past, Melbourne's history in old signs, to which I have contributed significantly.

We can only hope Alan Brough does not pull another sickie and Tony has to face Catherine Deveny. Snigger.


  1. oh I hope he doesn't get CD. I turned on the radio last weekend (possibly) and wondered what the chaos i was listening to was. It was CD trying to run some sort of quiz with her guests = EPIC FAIL! I shook my head and switched her off, too much ear hurt for a Sunday morning.

  2. Dearest Fenz. I knew we would find each other incompatible at some point. I enjoyed her chaotic music quiz. I will agree that she can be hard on the ear at times.

  3. Shall gallop up to the market and be back in time ;)

  4. Well we'd be boring if we agreed on everything, hooray for differences of opinions :)


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