Sunday, September 13, 2009

PNG Nuns

There was a letter in the paper mentioning it. Annie Phelan, the marvellous local actor mentioned it on radio. I chuckled when I read it.

The Age has published a series of articles about Papua New Guinea. PNG is an absurd little independent country to the north of Australia. It is almost totally propped up by Australia. Australia used to control it. Foolishly we gave PNG independence and it was all downhill from there.

But other countrys' charities get in there and do their bit too. It was a very interesting and educational series of articles. Writing like this is where newpapers really come to the fore. I would have never bothered reading any of it on the www.

Nuns in PNG are doing there bit too. They have HIV educational programmes. Of course the simplest way to prevent HIV is for the blokes to slip on a condom, but the god awful catholic church does not believe in such artificial contraception and hence it cannot approve them as a HIV prevention method. The catholic church, responsible for so many deaths over the centuries, does not use the brutal methods it used to use, but the end result is the same, death and suffering. Please someone save me from all these christian, muslim and jewsish cranks.

However these nuns are practical lasses. Against their absurd leader ex Hitler Youth and Nazi party member Pope Ratzinger who heads their church in Rome, they promote the use of condoms.

The nuns say, 'We are old and quite deaf and Rome is a long way away".

Just gorgeous.


  1. Hallelujah..could this possibly be the start of some new revelation? Good for those Nuns..but I reckon pigs will fly before the "absurd leader ex Hitler Youth and Nazi party member Pope Ratzinger" would entertain such an idea..of course you know that already :(

  2. Cazzie, we can only hope his replacement is more enlightened.

  3. Goodness, this is the 4th time in the past 12 months that I've heard of priests/nuns going against the (rigid, outdated, superstitious) teachings of the Cat-o-lick church!
    Dissention from within...!
    Where will it end (hopefully in commonsense rewritings but I aint holding my breath).

  4. Jayne, maybe change from the bottom up.

  5. The nuns i knew were the most liberated women in the 2960's I knew - Sr Mary McKillop was excommunicated by the pope for a while on the say so of some bishop - and now they want her to be made a saint...

  6. While I did not have much to do with nuns MC, there seem to carry themselves with a certain arrogance. Rarely see any around now.