Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Painting

Has painting our place taken over our lives or what? The worst has passed. We have finished the lounge/dining/kitchen area, along with my large bedroom and ensuite. Hallway, bathroom/laundry and two bedrooms to go, all of them smaller and not too many fiddly bits.

Before I started, R said that the inside of the wardrobes must be painted. I ignored him. I imagine dragging everything out of the wardrobes and painting inside them too. Maybe at a later date.

Before I started, R said that the skirting boards, doors and architraves must be painted. They are coated with what is perhaps known as eggshell, or two pack. They are high gloss and very chip and mark resistant. Rather than paint them I bleached them. Good result.

We started on the lounge/dining/kitchen on Sunday morning with panic in our hearts that we weren't up to it. We knew of someone who we could pay to assist and this back up was reassuring. We started and the feeling that we had taken on too much increased. By the end of the day, we had excised the hallway painting from out immediate plans and may start it tomorrow.

We have worked solidly for three days, most of yesterday afternoon spent cleaning and moving furniture back into position. Today we decided to take a day off and visited Ikea and Freedom for a new piece of furniture and a wall bracket for the tv. We may have found what we wanted, but we had to come home to check sizes. A bit more bleaching of woodwork this afternoon until the light failed.

At our ages, this will be the last time we will be able to take on such large tasks. We will just have to pay someone next time.


  1. the sense of satisfaction is a reward though ?

  2. Very much so MS. So nice to have everything so clean.

  3. I have no aptitude for do it yourself maintenance or renovations. When my father was alive he willingly did a lot of this stuff for me but since he died I have had to pay people to do any work.

  4. I'm all for a bit of DIY and I'm fucking spewing that you get to do all this. Never mind, the next 12 months will see the Carlton crap-shack getting a spruce-up in preparation for sale and the Clifton Hill Batchelor(ette) pad will be getting a full make over in preparation for our arrival.

    Betcha can't wait to hear me whinging and bitching about my sore back, splinters and nail-gun injuries, huh?

  5. My painting plans are on hold until the chappie who mixes the paint at our local store is back, in person, to slurp the tint into the can.
    Otherwise I'd be commiserating with you lol.

  6. You were fortunate to have him to such work Victor.

    Mutant, that will keep you off the streets.

    A personal tinter Jayne, and not for your hair.