Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old Letch on a Tram

I boarded a tram to come home from town. Who is this young layabout sprawled out like he owns the tram. I want to sit there. He will have to move his legs and give me space to sit opposite him. Once I sat, he kind of moved his legs. He had to really as I pushed them out of the way with my legs. Then I realised he had been sound asleep. He was forgiven.

Ah, he is very cute. He had music plugs in his ears, large coloured sunglasses that had slipped down, so I could see his eyes. A plunging neckline showing his beautifully smooth chest. Tight black jeans. Very handsome young guy indeed. There is a reason why you seldom see me outdoors without sunglasses on.

He fell asleep again and his head dropped lower and lower until I could no longer see his face.

Then some saliva dribbled from his mouth. It hung from his mouth for a second or two and then dropped onto his arm. I couldn't help but keep looking back to see how it dried on his arm over the next five minutes. I arrived at my stop.

Oh the joy of being a lecherous old queen salivating over young men but how one sided and boring would sex be with him. Wonder what he had been doing that made him so tired?


  1. Wow, with filthy old perve style remarks like that I'm surprised you didn't lick drool boy's saliva off his arm.

    Stay away from our yoof you dirty old public transport pervert!

  2. I don't bother with the sunglasses. I look too old, fat and motherly to be a raging pervert.

    How young? Shoe size? Smooth chest, yum. Still he has no taste if he dropped off to sleep in front of HawtAndrew.

  3. HA HA HA that's brilliant! How embarrassing drooling on public transport. Even better that you got to witness him in all his drooling glory! Maybe he had a hard night :P

  4. hello from Spain!!!!!

  5. Did enter my mind Mutant.

    Twentyish I suppose Jahteh. No idea of the other. HawtAndrew doesn't sound so convincing coming from you.

    Fenz, if it was an old guy, it would be disgusting.

    Hi Fete Vidal.

  6. I think the most gorgeous men are those who seem completely unaware of how sexy they look.

    Sounds like drooling youth on the tram was of that ilk.

  7. Victor, maybe I painted the picture wrongly. He was very aware of his appearance. His outfit was a creation, not thrown on. Maybe he was gay. Even gay men have been known to drool at times, but usually consciously.

  8. When I first met Don, he had to beat the men as well as the women off with a stick - and he was kinda flattered...Never worried me for some reason but was amusing to see out of the corner of my eye - I knew he'd stick

  9. I recall a photo you posted of him ages ago MC. He was very handsome.