Monday, September 14, 2009

Mother at Two

Mother is two years old in the photo, the same age as Little Jo is now. Everyone who sees the photo swears it is a picture of Little Jo. The wedding is that of Mother's now only surviving maternal aunt. She is in her nineties and lives in Berwick.


  1. I like old photographs.

    That's a beautiful one.

  2. What a lovely photo!
    Little Jo will be able to proudly show it off in years to come.
    Your mum is so very lucky to have her aunt still around, too!

  3. Love it Andrew! Little Jo will treasure it when she is older I am for the books.

  4. The bouquet is bigger than the child!

  5. 'Tis a nice one Dina.

    And Jayne, she hasn't gone gaga either. Very frail though.

    Well Cazzie, I hope at least one of the nieces or nephews are interested.

    Ann, you are supposed to admire the child or the dress. T'was a biggun though.

  6. Back in the days before they started gowning themselves like escorts, ALL brides were beautiful.

    and so is your great-aunt, and her little flowergirl. and their gowns, and the pumpkin coach they rode in on - just recalling the original KathnKim sketches ending with the wedding and Kim's bouquet was like a christmas tree (I think it actually was a small pine tree and she dragged it behind her).

    That's a lovely big bouquet there HR - very similar to Diana Spencer's.
    Chicks love weddings.

  7. Thank you Brownie. That is so sweet. And blokes hate them...most anyway. But the memory is perhaps nice for them.

  8. Have you thought to scan the old ones in - the fabrics and other comes up so clearly - some of them are truely beautiful

  9. All the photos will be mine one day MC. I will be scanning muchly.


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