Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Masseur Required

Masseur required, no happy ending needed. The happy ending will be relief from aches and pains.

R was right. I should have removed everything from my bedroom. Instead I worked around it while painting and this made the painting ever so much harder. On the first day I did too much and so I was aching already this morning when I tackled some more. Now I will only do half a day's painting. I am not a teenager with boundless energy.

I stopped painting today at around two and set off for the station to go to Murrumbeena. I went early enough to scoff a coffee scroll from the bakery and to check out the newsagent's window where there are historical displays in its window. Jayne alerted me to the window display and it filled five minutes time. There was an interesting account of the construction of the now mostly removed Outer Circle Railway line. We now concern ourselves with over budget projects that run on far too long. Believe me, it is nothing like the sheer incompetence of the railway authorities back then. What an absolute farce. I may well mock present day engineers, but they were not too crash hot back then either.

We collected Little Jo while Sister set off on her bike to collect the Bone Doctor's truck from the garage. A brief sprinkle of rain made us hesitate but we pressed on and I was pleased we did as we met up with Jayne in the park, along with her pretty smart son. As a youngster, he used to frequent the same park and play on the same equipment as Little Jo now does. Anyway, Jayne turned out to not be a monster and not nearly as evil as she may sound......well perhaps just a bit.

Sister takes after her mother in the culinary area and she had cooked us a meal. Slices of tough corned beef, falling apart tuna patties, two asparagus stalks and silver beet. Still, it beats cooking at home. Little Jo et the corned beef and little else. She has suddenly become a fussy eater.

Oh bliss oh joy, tomorrow carting mother out after a small amount of painting in the morning. M1 motorway, how I love thee.


  1. Anonymous9:43 pm

    We probably passed each other on Neerim Road. I did the post office, World of Food for 2 coffees and a ham cheese and tomato toasted sandwich, the Op Shop where I bought a $3 1951 novel called "Madame Bluebeard", then I went to The Collector to check out items for tomorrow's auction. I then sat and read my book in the park!

  2. LOL
    "Just a bit" ?
    Damn, I must be mellowing in my old age :P

  3. Lookin' forward to the account of today's outing :)

  4. Quite possibly Scott. I would not know you though. I sat on the seat outside the public toilet and ate my coffee scroll.

    You were very nice of course Jayne.

    Nothing exciting today, although to go through some old photos. More on that later.

  5. nothing better than a good massage, i love a deep tissue one. Mmmm *drools slightly*

  6. Fanz, wonder if I would like a deep tissue massage. I think I might.

  7. Dinner sounded delightful...ahem...I used to love my mum's corned legs of lamb - and later having it in our school lunches as a change from Vegemite and Peanut butter - it never seemed to go off...or maybe we had tough guts as kids.

  8. MC, I reckon corned beef would last for weeks in the fridge. I can't believe we et the same things in our school sandwiches, day after day, week after week, year after year. But it never put me off Vegemite, or jam or peanut butter.