Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lifting the leg and the park cycling path with the Saints being winners

Written last night:

Sis and the Bone Doctor are at the footy, we are looking after Little Jo. She just won't go to sleep for us. Better when she was younger and we could wheel her in the pram until she dropped off. (Finally at 9.30 she has dropped off)

We took her to Fawkner Park for a play on the slide and swing. We were chatting to a mum who was there with her child. Sitting on a seat was a Muslim woman who had two kiddies, the younger playing on the equipment, the older kicking an oval footy around. The world is changing.

A large dog bounded up, something like a full sized poodle, clearly friendly. The woman we were chatting to span around and loudly asked who owned the dog. A very nice looking and well spoken young man said it was his. He was there with his kiddie. The woman told him that the dog should be on a leash and not in the play area. I agree with her, but her tone was very hostile.

The guy said he would put the dog on a leash in a moment and that the dog was fine and no trouble, just as the dog lifted its leg and peed on a rocking horse and then ran straight to the Muslim woman who shrieked as the dog approached her.

I was suppressing my laughter. Stop laughing, this is serious. The woman we were talking to said she had had enough and left. The guy did put his dog on a leash. Yes, he was irresponsible, but I could not take it too seriously. If you grow up with dogs and have the scars as a lesson, you can judge dogs fairly well.

Police have been booking people for riding through Carlton Gardens on their bicycles. In Fawkner Park there is a designated shared bike/pedestrian path, the quickest route diagonally through the park. All other paths are pedestrian only. Why can't Carlton Gardens have a path like this? Fining cyclists the absurd sum of $250 for riding through a park is way above what is sensible.

I heard there was to be live coverage of the football last night. It wasn't. It was significantly delayed. I watched the action on the net until the site became too busy and would not refresh and then we listened on the wireless. Very exciting. R supports St Kilda so he is very happy. It would have been more exciting if we could have watched in live on tv.


  1. ha ha once upon and time people didn't get uptight about dogs off leashes, sometimes i shake my head at the cloistered world we live in.

    The paths in Carlton Gardens are so WIDE... they could have two bike paths and there'd still be loads of room for pedestrians. Never mind.

  2. In Sydney we see the Friday and Saturday night AFL mastches live through Foxtel for the home and away season but in the finals we can only get it through Channels 7/10 and they both show it delayed by more than an hour.

    At least we get the NRL finals matches live.

  3. Fenz, you would be almost of an age where you remember dogs were only on a leash when they were tied up at home. I think there should be some lobbying happening about the paths through Carlton Gardens. We know the Fawkner Park path is cycle too, so we are aware. I can't see why it isn't the same for Carlton Gardens. Both are under the auspices of City of Melbourne.

    Victor, but who would want to bother watching NRL? Someone is behind funding of its last gasp, even to the ABC, but it is dying. AFL RULES. Ahh, but then I don't really care about sports. I must have been caught up in the moment.

  4. ' dying'

    That's a myth they keep feeding you in the southern AFL states. I notice that Caroline woman (from The Age?) on ABC's Outsiders program on Sunday mornings always denigrates NRL as she defends everything the AFL does. She must be part of the myth spreading team.

    This years attendances in NRL have been the highest since its inception. Certainly these don't match AFL attendances but they never have in the more than hundred years of both codes. The television ratings for NRL remain very high.

    It is also notable that on Foxtel where the two codes go head to head on television across Australia it is the NRL that provides more than 60 of the 100 top rating programs for the year across all their channels (sporting and non sporting channels).

  5. As long as they can garner dosh from fining bicycle riders, Andrew, they'll not change a thing ;)

  6. Victor, people seem to prefer to watch rugby on tv than actually attend, which is a shame I suppose. Horse racing is going the same way.

    Not sure Jayne. I think some heavy lobbying could get a path approved as a shared path.


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