Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Important Alert

Tomorrow night (Thursday), 8:30pm, ABC1, Skippy: Australia's First Superstar. Don't ask me what is Skippy. You know very well, wherever you live. Probably available on iView later for everyone with broadband.


  1. In 1969 I knew a Sydney actress (Karin Peterson) and she had done an episode of Skippy and I asked her about 'him' - she said:
    "oh there's lots of Skippys and they KEEP THEM IN HESSIAN BAGS.

    and Ken James was great with Tina Bursill in that mad soap opera AIRPORT. I saw him once in a bank.

    that is all.

  2. Indeed there were a lot Brownie. I think they are content in bags. Reminds them of the pouch.

    Airport or Skyways? I have seen him around a few times.

  3. oh of course SKYWAYS
    It was hilarious.
    Tina Bursill had this great line
    "can't you see I'm trying to run an airport here!"

    TV channels should rerun lots of old stuff - ratings would skyrocket even for Zig&Zag racing around the 1960's streets of South Melbourne in their firetruck.
    Will you tune in for
    The Ossie Ostrich Redux?
    I hope they include The Legendary Stardust Cowboy doing Paralyzed- I made his Texas flag for the show.

  4. Anonymous12:40 am

    On the way in to work tonight I listened to 3AW and they were interviewing Ken James who is going to be on the show tomorrow night.
    I remeber last year when he was peeved about the show not giving the actors royalties yet selling merchandise world Wide and yadda yadda. A bit like what has happened with the Prisoner stars I guess. I am thinking, no one knew how popular these shows would become down the track. If they did, the actors sure would have secured better deals.

  5. "Don't ask me what is Skippy. You know very well, wherever you live."

    Absolutely...he's a wallaby pretending to be a kangaroo. I wonder why the producers didn't just hire a proper roo. Speciesism, I suspect.

  6. Anonymous8:12 am

    What? - you mean Skippy couldn't fly a helicopter - my childhood dreams have been shattered...

  7. Agree Brownie. Some reruns of old Aussie shows.

    Cazzie, they would be so rich now, it is not funny. I hope actors protect themselves better now.

    Wallabies can't kill you like a kangaroo can Brian.

    Yep, Michael, seems he couldn't do much at all.

  8. Mightn't be able to fly a helicopter but they taste delish lightly grilled in a marinade of cab sav with Spanish onions, green tomatoes and a light splash of brandy...

  9. Dennis Hill was the creator of Skippy. He died from parkinsons' disease a few years back Don bought out wheelchair accesible VW Van from his widow - so we/I have the creator of Skippy's van - and his widow gave us a copy of the first Skippy promo (paper) they sent out to all the TV stations - Don was really excited about that

  10. Anonymous6:16 pm

    I tried to watch Skippy on iView but couldn't because I live abroad! I wanna see Skippy!!!!! Vik.

  11. Jayne, I have nothing against eating them. I just don't like the taste.

    Hey MC. What an interesting bit of extra trivia. Still have the promo paper?

    I was wondering about that Vik. Same as the BBC, foreigners not allowed to view. I will keep it for your next visit. Can't send it unfortunately.

  12. Anonymous9:58 pm

    I actually sent the ABC an email asking if Aussies living abroad could be given access to iView. Not expecting a positive response but I'm curious about what they'll say.

    I don't know - first I lost my voting rights, then I was denied access to Medicare and now I can't enjoy Skippy - talk about punishing expat Aussies!!! Vik.

  13. I have already checked on your behalf Vik. The answer is no due to copyright reasons. However, Google is your friend and there is a TORRENT of tv shows to see.

  14. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Thank you. I'll check. Vik.