Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting the media on side

I admire one blog mate who seems extremely adept at handling media. I have read his writings and seen him perform for the media and it has given me a better understanding of how it all works.

Unions need to take notice and they mostly do. Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance paramedics have just fought and won an industrial campaign directly without help of their union, who I consider sold them out for the greater good. It is perhaps easier for them when the lives of the public are in their hands and there is no end of grateful testimonials.

Can't say the same for the jockey's union or perhaps it was more individual based. They pulled the pin mid race meeting over the issue of horse whipping and no, it wasn't because they were against horse whipping, it was because the use of whips was becoming too restricted for their liking. They want to whip when they like.

I don't like cruelty to animals at all and I would be happy to horse whipping banned, even though I don't think it particularly hurts the horse much. I don't even like horses being broken and forced to ride in long circles around tracks, but it is part of our culture and is nothing like dog or cock fighting, bear baiting or riding the hounds.

But the jockeys are on a road to nowhere. I probably shouldn't say this, but how seriously can you take squeaky voiced spokespeople?

But one person who you would think would know about public relations and media performance is Serena Williams. I am not a tennis follower but you can't help picking up sports news and information. The Williams sisters have been around for a long time and I do not recall any serious criticism of their behaviour.

Now in my mind, Serena has so damaged her image that the memory of her for the rest of my life will be her disgraceful behaviour and disrespect of another human being.

It is all about the media.

And while I am in the mood, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, fail! I have heard her interviewed three times recently and she will just not answer questions. This is not unusual for a politician but she does not even come close to addressing a question. She drones on and on and I tune out but not to the point where I don't notice that she never answers a question. What a disappointment she has turned out to be.


  1. Managed to catch the pre-footy-match silly nonsense between Rudd and Gillard, was a breath of fresh air to hear and see her being spontaneous in manner and speech.
    And on point of subject under discussion, too ;)

  2. I have heard her like that before Jayne. That is one reason why I really dislike her doing her media performance pieces.

  3. I have never liked her - she never says or does anything with the slightest spark of independence or insipration - I would have to go to sleep in Parliament listening to her drone on like some old maiden aunt

  4. Overtrained in media skills I think MC.