Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gay Marriage and where did Apple get the apple?

This should have the subject line Recommended Reading, but that sounds so dry.

Catherine Deveny is against gay marriage too. Read here why. I just so agree with her. I just add that if this anachronistic institution is to continue, then why can't gays join in? But for mine, I am with Mrs Deveny.

English PM Brown has made an apology for government persecution of a gay man in the mid twentieth century. So the gov should. He sounds more like a hero. It was quite outrageous. He lives on though through Apple. Yep, the maker of your Ipod. Read the very impressive Doug Pollard on the matter here.


  1. Marriage should be between two people.


    I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to be miserable.

  2. I agree with you and Deveny. Of course I didn't believe that BEFORE I got married. If I did, I would have probably saved a lot of money.

  3. Thanks for the tip to Deveny's brilliant piece.
    I do agree that it is Very Conservative to be married in Las Vegas by an Elvis Impersonator.
    My daughter did it. She is Gen X or whatever those humourless 37-year-olds are.
    Deveny did not, however, mention the S word.
    Say a couple who have lived together for 25 years to the total aggravation of one or both sets of parents (eg a gay couple) and one of them dies (this happened a bit in the 80's) and the faithful bereaved one is denied the $50,000 Superannuation of the deceased, which is spitefully seized by the homophobic parents ...

    That's where the Gay-Marriage battle started - over Super.
    EVERYTHING is about MONEY in the final analysis.

  4. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Thanks for the link re Alan Turing - what a horrible way to treat a PERSON. Catherine Deveny - yes, she does a good RANT - you can always tell when shes off her medication, this one was one of her better days..

  5. Msilsby, the right to make each other miserable....yep.

    Well, that is a significant thing Dina. The money that is spent on weddings can almost be a deposit on a house.

    Elvis impersonator Ann, oh dear. Super at least has been pretty well sorted out now. Mine was a long time ago.

    Was bad Michael. Devo is nothing if not provocative.

  6. I have to share this tacky-wedding news that Ya Couldn't Make-UP:

    More expense is in store for Edelsten, 66, when he marries 26-year-old Ms Gordon on November 29.

    They are planning a 500-guest wedding at Crown, with TV stars Jason Alexander of Seinfeld and Fran Drescher of The Nanny officiating at the reception.

  7. 26 my arse. She is forty if she is a day. Fran coming to Oz? I am excited.