Monday, September 28, 2009

From Mother's Wardrobe

The Bolter, aka Nana Dorothy was an artistic type, bohemian even. I would assume she had some gay acquaintances. The lad on the far right I believe is her brother and seems to be pulling back a bit from the open affection with which the others are engaged. He was either married at the time or not too long after. The photo was taken at Luna Park, I suppose Melbourne's. What do you think? Are they a bunch of screamers? I'd certainly put my money on the doe eyed boi next to Dorothy's brother.

The lad on the edge of the waterfall does not sit in the most butch pose. He loves his dog though and the gym too by the look of his six pack. Nancy boi? No idea where the falls were. Some photos had adjacent white ink writing and some did not.


  1. He is too gorgeous to be straight.
    Dight's Falls on the Yarra?

    what are the hats? tramdriver's picnic is it?
    Red Army, Salvation Army? HeadShunters at the rail yards had hats like that.
    In 1964 when I met the father of my children he was wearing a hat like that, and I thought it was supremely witty.

  2. Are those photos of your property?
    Here in Spain there are thousands, millions of photos such as decoration or were sold in markets as a casino invitation postcard in the 20 - 30 - 40 the majority of which belong to modelosy know fake photos.

    Kisses from Spain!!!!

  3. I can't get enough of old photos - thanks for sharing

  4. Love the pics; I reckon 2nd from left in the top photo is on close terms with Dorothy.

    Dad's pointed out a couple of blokes in his RAAF Papua New Guinea photos who were gay but they were all on starvation rations and no one looked anything more than under-fed, over-sun-baked skeletons.

  5. I reckon they're all gay, apart from the dog. He's just very happy.

  6. Don't think it would be Dights Falls Brownie. There were some photos labelled Warrandyte. The hats aroused my curiosity too.

    Fete, they are now my property. The photos were mostly taken by my grandmother.

    Ta MC.

    Yep Jayne. Quite sweet really. Never thought of the Friends of Dorothy. So much for the forces no gay policy.

    Brian, and what is wrong with being gay???

  7. Anonymous10:00 pm

    You're too touchy. Take a joke.


  8. RH, I know Brian is not overtly homophobic. He was having a laugh. I had a laugh back. I hope. Clearly too subtle for you. Why do poofters get up your nose so much?

  9. You've never accepted being a poof, that's your disaster.

  10. Hmm, my comment did not appear. I checked into the blog yesterday..oh well.
    I am not sure if that pic was taken at this Luna Park in Melbourne. I can ask my Pop. Remember the one of my grandparents on the half moon at our Luna Park? He will know.
    He knows alot about St Kilda and surrounding burbs. I must get the info soon..he is 85 you know :)
    He and Nan used to also skate at St Mauritz (spell check?). I believe some of the pictures of the place are in a hotel or something in St Kilda of the skate you know aything about this?
    Great pictures there Andrew..I love seeing them :)

  11. Oh, me again..just to say, My Nanna was named Dorothy..or Nanna Dot affectinately :)

  12. I have so many defects RH and yet you keep mentioning one I don't have.

    Cazzie, I was a bit puzzled until I actually looked hard at the photo and realised it is a painted back drop. I know St Moritz well and its history. The only pub nearby that I know of would be The Espy. You are lucky to have him. Gather in his memories and pass them on to your kids.

    Nana Dot sounds nice. I only met Nana Dorothy twice in a very formal manner. I think we were country hicks to her.

  13. "You've never accepted being a poof, that's your disaster."

    Freud would call that projection. My mother would call it 'the pot calling the kettle black'. I call it Robbert's unerring, humourless response to just about everything. (Sits back and waits for the usual infantile barrage of accusations of paedophilia and stuff.)

  14. Sorry, you're not worth my time.