Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fev

I don't find him attractive, just to make it clear that I am not in lust nor love with him.

A football player who did not assault anyone. He did not rape anyone. He didn't apply pressure point tactics or eye gouge a fellow footy player.

What he did do was get drunk and make a fool of himself at the biggest night in the AFL socail events calendar.

So why is Brendan Fevola being so pilloried? Why is there talk of him being chucked out of his footy club?

What a load of tosh.


  1. From what I understand, it's because these players are meant to be setting a good example to the yoof of today and Fev constantly doesn't.

    Have you seen the footage on youtube of the brownlow street talk... funny and extremely cringeworthy... dunno who decided to give him a mic and follow him with the camera but maybe they should take some blame too!!

    Even his girlfriend was running away from him because "from what i've heard it's not good!"

  2. That is Footy Show isn't it Fenz. Always cringeworthy. Really it is game playing by the AFL that annoys me. Aren't they waiting to see how public opinion falls? Either he was wrong or not. Make it quick and clean and please consistent.

  3. they're all HYPOCRITES.
    They want all the violence and aggression required for good football, but with the sensibilities of a cellist.
    After his Bingle with the sportman's collision that is Lara, he was taken back by his wife who is now hugely pregnant.
    Of course he got drunk and went nuts.
    The hypocrisy of all these AFL people is gobsmacking.

  4. I'm wondering who Fev annoyed in the media as they were all over it until public opinion went the opposite way to what they were expecting. What I really find interesting is how quiet they've gone on the cabbie bashing. Given how they jumped on Fev, I was expecting that to be an even bigger drama in the news. Quiet as mice, they are.

  5. I guess the media are in love with the young Gary Ablett and they did not like it when Fev insulted, as opposed to assaulted, him on the big night of nights.
    Load of tosh I agree... it wasn't about footy, it was about what the girls were wearing ..or lack of what they wer wearing.
    What got me was when I seen the interview with one of the plyers saying "I think I batted above my average tonight" or something like that..I'd have decked my date right then and there if I was referred to as a cricket score because of the way I dressed.
    Oh well... footy has lost me now.

  6. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Mmm - it is hypocritical, as mentioned in other replies. Is he expected to be an "example" - yes, hes well paid to be one as well as kick a football. Has he got an alcohol problem - almost certainly...

    But - WHY didn't someone,anyone, from the club, or friends, get him to stop. Why was he continued to be served alcohol. Why did the media search him out to film his antics? Why did they constantly hold him up to public ridicule? - he would regret what he did, surely. And the Brownlow night itself - low grade porn from young women who dont know their being exploited, young guys locked in a room for 5 hours with free beer - what did they expect?

    The media thrives on this sort of crap - witness the footy show where Sam Newman can get away with being a blatant misogynist, radio where Kyle Sandilands can question a 13yo about her sex life - nothing happens, no sanctions, ratings increase - and that's what its all about. Sad, but true. So, who is to blame?

  7. MS, hypocrisy is what I see.

    Antikva, what you saying? Assaulting someone and ripping off their religious garment is worse than what Fev did? Sacre Bleu.

    Cazzie, is it not a compliment? I am not great but I am with a great girl. I batted above my average. Can you explain more why it bothers you.

    Pretty well agree with you Michael except, 'low grade porn from young women who dont know their being exploited'. They know alright.

  8. Yes, usually it would be a compliment but he said it in such a cringeworthy way that I thought, ewww. On the red..oh I mean blue capret too.
    Still, I guess there is no other place like Australia when we say something it can be taken out of context (yes, and by other countr folk) Like... I am pissed..drunk not angry..or How ya goin' you old Bast#@d..affectionately of course to an old friend of course. But not on the telly..unless you are Paul Hogan as Hoges :)

  9. Oh so true Cazzie.