Sunday, September 20, 2009

8.30 Arise from slumber. That is a very decent sleep in for me. Too much to drink last night and too late before going to bed.

9.30 R arises.

11.00 Head off to Dali exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria. Wow was it busy. Queue for tickets then queue to get in. Really too crowded to see many of the works up close. This was my favourite, The First Days of Spring.

12.30 Exit Dali exhibition. R buys water and has words with grumpy vendor. Head to Lygon Street.

12.50 Have food and coffee at Thresherman's Bakery in Faraday Street.

1.15 After much searching by Readings book shop staff, a Motown compilation triple cd is located to send to R's bro in law in England for his 50th birthday. Some great greeting cards were bought too. Put away for future use.

1.30 Discover marvellous babywear and toyshop and all manner of things. What a range of tin toys and tin robots. I want some!!! R buys a gift for workmates new baby.

1.40 Discover another gorgeous shop with an array of confectionery from the US and UK in the window.

1.45 Have a refreshing Stella sitting outside at University Hotel.

2.00 To QV. Buy electronic photo frame and wrapping paper for R's sister in the UK forthcoming second wedding.

2.15 Buy goods from Safeway that we omitted to buy yesterday when doing weekly shopping then home.

3.00 Out to Windsor shop in the car.

4.15 Out again to Windsor shop in the car.

Absolutely whacked.

Oh yes, this was what we were buying at the Windsor shop, 460 dollars worth. Someone is gonna be busy. Thirty eight litres of paint and some equipment.


  1. How good was Dali?

    I tried to see it, but upon ariving and seeing the line-up for tickets stretching around the block, decided to come back another time - like 2:00 am on Saturday when they do the 24 hour thing!

    Actually you would've probably been leaving just as we arrived - don't suppose you happened to see me again? You seem to be good at that!

  2. I want to see that exhibit!
    I love my electronic photo frame, it is nice to sit and look at it after dark. I have it on my favourite sideboard.
    What shade is the paint? What is being painted?

  3. R wanted to go Mutant. I was less keen. It was ok. No, I did not spy you. Funny that we both had intentions of doing the same thing, just an hour or so apart.

    We have bought three digital photo frames for people but we don't have one ourselves yet Cazzie.

    Painting the whole place, every painted surface. Off white, but feature walls are being changed. More later.

  4. "Off white", aha, skin tone.

  5. Not really. Just not white white.

  6. i saw the Dali exhibition in London, I spent hours in there & there was hardly anyone about. Loved it.

    I use my computer as my digital photoframe! I have the screen saver set to scroll through my pics. Can be a bit entrancing.

  7. Maybe the English dislike Spaniards like they dislike the French Fenz? What a great idea for a screen saver. I have seen it before but forgot about it. Besides, I would have to leave computer alone for screen saver to work.

  8. When we were in Australia, we always thought it was so funny to find displays of American food.

  9. I only knew there was US confectionery there because R told me so. Funny that you saw other American food displays when you were here. WE CATER FOR ALL TOURISTS.