Friday, August 21, 2009

Well Done Little Jo

Our brother friends can be a bit precious at times. We had double booked for this evening. Visiting the brother friends where the tax man cometh, that is the accountant visits and does their and our tax returns. I have learnt about capital gains tax. Ouch, but won't have to pay until March 2010. Might be dead by then.

So as well as visiting the outer burbs, we had said we would look after Little Jo as the Bone Doctor will busy with a buzz saw and drill at work and Sister had a ticket to go with a friend to the Hawthorn Football Club dinner. While she is a member of the club, the ticket was not cheap. I am trying to think of sexy Hawthorn football player who might be there. Alas, I can think of none. Dermie is it? He will be there, but he is too old. Platin? The dude with the long hair? He will be there. I am sure his hair is now short, assuming he still has some.

Sister and her friend arrived and after a quick drink, I drove Sister's car to the Anderson Street Bridge where they could easily walk to the MCG and we continued on around the river to eventually get to Box Hill, after stopping off at Hungry Jacks along the way, just to give Little Jo chips and a thick shake to horrify her mother when we tell her.

When we first moved to the high rise, we hired a large van to cart a mattress to our brother friends and then bring one home. That was the last time I drove a manual vehicle, 2002.

Sister's car is a manual. We took her car to save changing the baby seat over. Before we had pulled out of the parking space, waiting for passing traffic, already I complained my left foot was aching from holding down the clutch. Hmm, never noticed this but turns from St Kilda Road city bound to the south bound service road near us have been blocked. No prob. Continue on. I went the wrong way and drove up Governor de Krester's driveway, well road. Eventually dropped Sister at the bottom of Anderson Street. Sister told her friend that the walk would be good for her and that she could smoke along the way.

After the back streets of Toorak, of course I had to start on a steep uphill at Tooronga and Toorak Roads. I did not roll back into the car behind, even though I did not use the handbrake. I find handbrake starts harder than a quick move off. Along Toorak Road, I thought maybe there is another gear, and sure enough, gear number five.

At Hungry Jacks, I had to reverse out of the parking spot. I didn't know where reverse was. I put the iterior light and my spectacles on, but the gear pattern had worn off the stick. Stupid, it is downhill, roll backwards.

Oh joy, oh bliss, Little Jo put her sticky fingers on the brother friend's glass side table. They won't notice until they see in daylight.

Of course once home, I had to find reverse to reverse park into a space. It was opposite gear number 5, I think. What botheration these gear thingie sticks are.

Little Jo and R are in bed watching a dvd. Actually, Little Jo is watching a dvd, R has dozed off.


  1. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Which DVD was litte Jo watching?
    I drive manual and automatic, the auto I drove the Mazda 2 to work..manual... zipped in and around silly drivers at ease... but am weary of hills in Nth Melbourne lest I roll backwards haha. Cazzie

  2. Wiggles Hoop De Doo Party I think Cazzie. Really Cazzie, it was quite good fun changing gears, but I wouldn't want to do it all the time. Although to outward appearances I did ok, I was not happy with my performance with the stick in my hand. Can do better, but why bother.


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